Padres to rummage non-tenders

Forget about the rest of the non-tenders. The only ones San Diego Padres fans care about are Jay Payton, non-tendered by the Colorado Rockies, and Mark Redman, non-tendered by the A's. Payton would fill the void in centerfield, while Redman would provide a solid lefty arm for the rotation. <br><br> <b>Redman has since signed with the Oakland A's.<b><br><br> The news on Maddux doesn't look good.

Jay Payton, formerly of the Colorado Rockies, predominately played left field for the Rockies in 2003. He did spell Preston Wilson in center and has been used at centerfield from his days as a Met.

Payton batted .302 and more importantly hit .281 on the road. Fifteen of his 28 homers also came on the road, but his RBI's and runs scored were way down compared to Coors Field numbers.

2003 was a career year for Payton. Which begs the question, is it the real Jay Payton we saw last year? He was tabbed as a five tool player in New York and only in 2000 did he have solid numbers for the Mets.

Another question: Will the Padres subtract an outfielder to make room for Payton? They currently have a ton of outfielders vying for just one spot and many, including Xavier Nady, in the running for the fourth spot if a starter is added.

Prediction: Payton will sign with the New York Mets.

Mark Redman, 29, is a San Diego native and has some friends on the Padres roster. In 2004, Redman went 14-9 for the World Champion Marlins. His WHIP, a respectable 1.22 coupled with his second year of high innings and the fact that he is a lefty will make Redman highly sought after.

The concern with Redman is the fact that he has performed in pitchers parks for the last two seasons, Detroit and Florida. The numbers back that up in 2003 as his road ERA was 4.27, while his home ERA was 2.88.

The benefit of adding a lefty such as Redman to the rotation would potentially be seen in Petco Park. It is rumored to be friendly to left handed hitters and Redman held lefties to a .200 average on the season.

Redman added 21 quality starts on the season, where he did not allow more then three earned runs in 6+ innings of work. Twenty one, despite missing the month of May with a broken thumb on his pitching hand.

Those numbers and his price will instantly make Redman a favorite to land in San Diego over Cory Lidle and even Greg Maddux. Maddux is said to not even be considering San Diego anymore, likely due to money.

Prediction: Redman has signed with the Oakland Athletics in a deal spanning three seasons. Cory Lidle is back in the spotlight for the Padres.

We mentioned Maddux is not looking at San Diego and Phil Rogers, formerly of ESPN, backs us up:

"The Padres and Cubs won't get him and it looks less and less like the Cardinals will. I say let the Dodgers have him. Acquiring Maddux would allow the Dodgers to trade Odalis Perez for a bat. Perez ragged on his teammates last year, so he's not real popular with Jim Tracy."

Blame it on an out of touch agent, Scott Boras. He has driven prices up so the Padres have had to look elsewhere.

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