Defunct Deal, Payton Added

The San Diego Padres, enamored with Jason Kendall for the better part of four years, have pulled themselves out of negotiations with the Pittsburgh Pirates. A proposed deal sending Jeff Cirillo and Ramon Hernandez in exchange for Kendall fell apart when the Friars were unwilling to take on his whole contract.<br><br> Jay Payton was added after agreeing to a two year deal with a third year club option.

David Littlefield, as late as yesterday, seemed certain the deal would go down.

it wasn't to be. Jason Kendall signed a $60 million dollar contract in 2000, worth $42 million over the next four seasons. The Pirates originally were willing to fork over close to $18 million, while the Padres wanted $25 million chipped in.

Money again was the deterring factor as the Pirates were unwilling to pick up any cash and a prospect was not viewed as enough from the Padres end.

Now the psyche of Ramon Hernandez and Jeff Cirillo will come into question. How they handle almost being traded will go a long way to determining the success of the team, moreso in Hernandez's case.

The Jay Payton deal will cover two years at $1.5 in 2004, $3.5 in 2005 and a club option $4 million in 2006.

Payton will patrol left field for the Padres making Terrence Long and Xavier Nady reserves.

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