Rant and Raves from "A Displaced Padre Fan"

Spring training is getting closer and from my view point in Idaho there has been some exciting news coming from the San Diego Padre organization. I can't wait for the season to start.

Some trades, some acquisitions and some good news for the displaced Padre fan. There's always hope and right now everyone's in 1st place. Defense and offense have been improved for the Padres. I'm pretty hopeful for the season, not like last year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have a relatively injury free year and that could make or break the season. Add a few long shots having a good year and watch out.

Let's look at some interesting developments and why I'm happy to wear my Padre hat again in public, not just when I'm painting the house.

New (or fairly new) Faces: Giles, Wells, Payton, Hernandez, some good backups/reserves and some extras who could pay off
Old Faces: Hitchcock is back, Eaton is signed and then you have Hoffman and Beck to finish it off.

Aw, the thoughts of breaking the .500 mark this year. I still have my Padre hat from the first year they broke .500 and it's getting a bit worn. I need a good reason so I can wear a new hat and this may be the year. My hat's off to the organization for spending some money this year.

One thing I'm confused about.

Most teams that are consistently good have a great Farm System. If it's true, you have to develop players from the bottom up. That means having good coaching and teachers. The Padres' hire Whitehurst (for their rookie team) who had a career record of 20-37. That's 20 wins, 37 losses. Sure, I would have been 0 – 57 but maybe that's not the point. Maybe it's hard to get a Cy Young winner to coach in the rookie league and hopefully he'll have an impact. Maybe not but we won't know for years to come.

So, where are we? We're in 1st place, that's where we're at!

We won't be embarrassed this year. Hopefully the Padres' have to pay out some of those incentive bonuses based on performance.

Parking? We don't need no stinkin' parking. Hellllloooo… McFly? What was/is everyone thinking? Even from day one, I knew this was going to be a problem. Did you hire the same person we use up here to design our freeways?

Make a displaced Padre fan happy and kick some NL West backsides. By the way, what's the best way to get paint off my old hat?

Kevin McIntyre can be reached at kevin_mcintyre@access-4-free.com

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