Rants and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

I'm hurting. I can only watch the box scores and things aren't looking too good from where I sit. As spring training takes shape, it's a time of hope, a time of fear. It's a time for a team to make a statement and draw some attention to themselves and build some hype and momentum. Many people will state that spring training records don't really matter (those teams who can't win a game) and some say it shows which teams are serious (those teams who win).

So far this spring the Pads are making a statement that the spring training win/loss record doesn't matter.

First the Pads lose Nevin but I'm happy to hear he's swinging a bat again but will this be an on and off, injury plagued season for him?

Sure, it's spring training and it has nothing to do with the regular season. Still, it's time for some of those players trying to make the team to stand out and get noticed. If they excel, hopefully the team wins, they get noticed and possibly make the team. Does it matter to them if the team does well in spring training? Sure it does! We've seen some great play from Khalil Greene and it gives me hope. Seeing our opening day pitcher of late, Brian Lawrence, has me worried.

Seeing Mark Kotsay doing well when he played against our Pads was great, but it hurts. Seeing Nevin go down just plain hurt. Seeing the Pads lose hurts. Watching the Yankees spend upwards of $200M this year hurts (although it'll feel good if they lose like they did in their first game abroad). I guess I'm hurting pretty bad these days and I hope that it doesn't last through 162 regular season games.

Now a confession.

At the end of last year, I hyped up the Chargers and mentioned that the Pads would lose fan momentum, etc. as the Chargers tore up the football season. Well, here's mud in my eyes.

This year the Pads have the same opportunity; steal the limelight and come out ahead. I also mentioned last year that I felt the Chargers were going the same route as the Pads in trying to tie up a new stadium. Guess I was wrong there too. At least the Pads went to the World Series before they went on the prowl. Despite my pain, I do see better times ahead for the Pads this year. I'm not sure of a divisional championship but given my confession above, let's hope I'm wrong again!

Now a rant. What's up with the fact that the Aztecs got to play in the new stadium? Don't the Aztecs have their own stadium? Why are they so special? Why not choose another college team in town like UCSD or USD? Could the high school teams with a tournament play in it?

I love Tony Gwynn but it seems strange to me that a college team got to play in the new stadium before the Pads did. I guess life isn't fair and I have to accept that. Maybe I can try out to be the next Martha Stewart or Tyco executive.

Kevin McIntyre can be reached at kevinmcintyre@yahoo.com

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