A Day in the Park - Petco Park

You will hear people moan about the cost of parking, the (near) lack of tailgating, or whatever people that can find something wrong with everything will gripe about. As I was walking through the Gaslamp, I realized that this ballpark would change San Diego forever…not just baseball, but the city. I remember being in Downtown about 10 years ago, and it was a place where a cautious young woman wouldn't dream of getting out of her car even in broad daylight.

Now the people, young and old, men and women, walking down the street going to a ballgame; it was a sense of community.

You would have thought that people had been doing this for years. In a sense, they have.

This is what people do in Wrigleyville, when approaching Fenway, what they did when they went to Ebbets Field. It is old time baseball.

Strangers were shouting to me, "Go Padres!"

The waiter asking me excitedly, "Are you going to the game? Me, too. I can't wait."

I took a bus to 4th and Broadway, and walked to the ballpark. If you are able, save yourself some money and park in a $3 lot and walk. Enjoy your city. There are at least 100 restaurants between the park and the Santa Fe Depot.

I enjoyed a couple of pints for less than the cost of one beer at the ballpark. A lot of restaurants run specials before the game so you never have to be limited by the food they serve at the ballpark. This will bring people to the ballpark that don't think they like baseball (the heathens).

While in the park, cranes are still a big part of the skyline. Planes flying in the distance are seen but not heard.

A couple of cheesy elements are part of the between innings scoreboard festivities, most notably the jersey races. A close second goes to "Guess the players pet." A collective groan could be heard when the Swinging Friar mascot was joined by Petco mascots, "Red Ruff" and "Blue Mews".

Such is the commercial nature of the sports entertainment business. It is an element that purists like myself disdain. However, it is has become such a part of sports that you can almost overlook it.

If I could just get people not to do the "wave" when we are batting in a close game in the late innings, I would be ecstatic. The "wave" is so "Q", just let it go.

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