Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

Ok, ok enough of the Barry Bonds, Willie Mays bonding experience. If you don't know Barry's life story now, raise your hand. I've seen enough stories, footage, TV interruptions, etc. for a while. I'm thinking of asking for a dinner invite at the Bonds house. Barry this, Barry that. You understand how he got where he's at when you see what he looked like when he came into the league and what he looks like now.

It's a great feat what he's done, but there are 2 asterisks next to his name; 1) this is Padre town - who cares? And 2) can you spell B-a-l-c-o?

What a week. Up and down emotionally for the Displaced Padre Fan. I actually saw a few games on MLB TV before they starting charging for it again. I'm still considering forking out the money but money is tight these days. It was great though watching Barry not feasting on Padre pitching - great job guys. Of course, after Barry hit number 660, all you heard him say was that he wanted to hit it at home. I guess if it happened in San Diego he wouldn't have counted. NOT! I'm sure he wasn't really trying J

Well, the hitting and starting pitching of the Padres is fun to watch. Middle relief is a bit rough but I'm still on the bandwagon at this point. Everyone is contributing and things are looking up. Hoffman had a rough start but made it through. Starting pitching is there and if they can stay healthy it'll be a great season. In my last report I mentioned that I thought it was important to gain some momentum during Spring Training and that the Spring Training season record had me concerned. Well, I must say, I was wrong. The Pads looked pretty good after the first week, even after a rough camp.

Watching the outfield make some great plays and the infielders making some plays we haven't seen in a while makes my heart happy. Reminds me of the good ol' days and I'll have to start wearing my old gold and brown hat again. Seeing Khalil Greene snag a ball up the middle, sliding and throwing in one motion and hitting - pure magic. Seeing Burroughs making short hop snags and hitting - excellent. Seeing Loretta improving on the way he played last season - yikes. Watching Nevin smack the ball around - watch out! The Padres are coming at you and it's all the way down the lineup.

Well, as Carly Simon once said, "these are the good ol' days."

I hope you enjoy them and be sure to get out to the new ball park. If I ever get back to town, you'll see me there with the ol' brown and gold hat on.

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