Fantasy Spotlight

One of the best parts of fantasy baseball is the wheeling and dealing. No worries about no-trade clauses or clubhouse chemistry, just pure baseball trades to make your team as good as possible. If you're looking for an advantage when you're talking with other team owners, keep in mind that they may look at things differently and you might be able to find a hot player or two at a good price.

This week in the Spotlight, we're going to cut the blabber and get right down to who you, the fantasy owner, should watch out for. New York Yankees

Apparently, all the talk about patience in last week's Spotlight didn't do much for a lot of Alex Rodriguez owners. It's amazing how a guy can go from the number one pick in the vast majority of drafts, and the centerpiece of a team, to just another tradable part that can be had for two or three hot bats. I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that ARod will get out of this funk before long and end up posting his usual numbers, so if the guy who has him in your league is getting a little antsy with his top pick, now would be a good time to try and buy low.

Chicago Cubs

The word from Wrigley is that Joe Borowski might be on the road to danger. His fastball has slowed down significantly, and although he's converted the save in both his chances this year, batters have been killing him. It's never good when your closer has an opponents' batting average of .400, even if it is just his first three innings. Should this trend continue, you might want to consider adding LaTroy Hawkins, as he might find himself in more save situations.

Florida Marlins

When the Marlins dealt Derrick Lee for Hee Seop Choi, a lot of people were left scratching their heads, wondering what the Fish were thinking. Now, with Choi on pace for 90 homers, the questioning has suddenly quieted down. The 25-year-old first baseman has really come on strong over the last week, hitting .286 with four of his five home runs. If your team needs a power boost, Choi might be worth a look as a waiver grab. We know Hee has a powerful bat, but the big question is if he can bring his batting average up to a reasonable level. In his 200 at bats last year, he hit just .218, but Choi will almost certainly improve on that this year.

Kansas City Royals

For this in need of outfield help, I offer Aaron Guiel for your consideration. Somewhat of a late bloomer, Guiel (31) is in just his third season as a Major Leaguer. After hitting 15 homers in just 354 at bats last season, Guiel has gotten off to a solid start this year as a starter for the first time. As of right now, his 162 game stat average is .259/20/89, which isn't exactly spectacular, but could be improved upon this year now that he has a chance to play everyday. Guiel is a guy that will probably continue to fly under the radar of many fantasy owners, so watch his development over the next few weeks.

Philadelphia Phillies

Another big name that has some fantasy owners biting their nails is Jim Thome. Although Jim is hitting .290, his goose eggs in the home run and RBI categories may seem a bit troubling to the untrained eye, but once again, I tell you to fear not. Last season, Thome hit just .227 with four homers and 18 RBI in all of April, and the year before he hit .210. The point is that the former Indian has seen his fair share of first month troubles on his way to finishing with All-Star type numbers. Again, as with ARod, if the guy with Thome in your league isn't aware of his track record, now might be a good time to throw him an offer and add a lot of power to your lineup.

That'll do it for this week. Remember, if you have any trade questions or need a second opinion on a certain player; feel free to send me an e-mail at Until next time, I'm out like Preston Wilson.

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