Padres at Brewers Preview

<b>Game One</b><br> RHP Brian Lawrence (6-3, 4.80) and LHP Doug Davis (3-3, 3.65) <br><br> BLaw should thank Adam Eaton and Ismael Valdez for struggling mightily and Jake Peavy and David Wells for going on the DL otherwise the media spotlight would be glaring on him. What is wrong with BLaw? His control is spotty and he is leaving pitches up in the zone and is getting hit at an alarming rate.

Doug Davis after bouncing around a bit, mostly in the AL, seems to have found his niche in Milwaukee. Only Ramon Hernandez and Terrence Long have had any significant ABs against him. He can work out of jams, but the Padres will need to create jams for him to work out of.

Game Two
RHP Dennis Tankersley (0-0, 6.00) and RHP Wes Obermueller (2-1, 7.64)

Tankersley has yet to settle in to his major league role. He just seems like a guy careening out of control and the adrenaline is just pumping out there. Tank can pitch. He needs to fine tune his control, but his pitches have tremendous movement and his 2-seamer has good late life. Tank went 3-2 at Portland with a 2.26 ERA. Milwaukee is the site of his first Major League victory, as well as his first big league homer. Hopefully, he can build on that.

The Brewers have yet to decide on Obermueller's role with the team. Mostly he starts; however, he has made two relief appearances. Other than the whopping ERA nothing really jumps out at you about his numbers. He struggles with control at times. The biggest flaw in his game is he seems to allow the big inning. He could be throwing donuts, and all of the sudden will hang a 4 spot on him.

Game Three
RHP Ismael Valdez (3-2, 5.32) and RHP Victor Santos (2-1, 3.90)

May has been such a bad month for Valdez that I have to believe that the guy that pitched for the Rangers has returned. It was too much to ask for to believe that the Valdez that pitched in the 90s for the Dodgers would stay. I keep expecting him to throw behind a screen because it looks like batting practice out there.

This is the 4th team in 4 years for Santos. He has been a reliever/spot starter and he continues that role with the Brewers, although he has started more than he has relieved. He does not have super control. The hitters need to be patient and make him work.

Hitters to Watch
Phil Nevin has hit over .400 in the last 7 games, with 3 doubles, 1 HR, and 8 RBI. The power will get better, Phil just needs to keep putting the bat on the ball.

Lyle Overbay may not have everybody in Milwaukee saying "Richie who?" but he sure is turning a lot of heads with his stellar numbers.

Other Notes
Phil Nevin made headlines in San Diego for verbally abusing a fan in Philadelphia. I know many fans that have been down on Nevin since some of his quotes have rubbed people the wrong way. People have criticized Nevin for airing dirty laundry outside the clubhouse. I wonder if Kevin Towers will get that kind of heat. Bad move KT, to me talking to the media without getting Nevin's side is a lot worse than dropping profanities on a fan that probably deserved it.

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