Rants and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

I started this article about a month or so ago when the San Diego Padres were hot and I was ecstatic. Since then they went into a little losing streak but now that they seem to back on track so I'm both happy and sad. I have a good job, (I have a beautiful, sexy, adoring girlfriend – she added that), I live in a nice house in a nice town… but my hometown is still San Diego and it's fun to watch at least one of my home town teams is winning.

The Padres are getting hot again and continually impress me from afar. Everyone on the team seems to be contributing or picking up when their other team-mates are having an off day. In the past, the whole ship would sink. We'd watch the game and wait to see how the Pads would figure out how to lose.

In fact, it has been so ingrained in our minds (and past experience) that on Father's Day my father and I were talking about the Pads around the bbq and he said to me, "I see the Padres figured out what they were doing right and fixed it."

That pretty much summed up the last few years doesn't it? This year though it seems to be different. The Pads have shown (in most part) they can come back from a two or three run deficit and then maintain the lead. This WILL be the difference after 162 games. The Padres have some chemistry going (winning always helps) and everyone seems happy from the outside. At least if they aren't happy, they aren't publicly airing their laundry.

I'm sad because I'm only getting to watch a few games from a distance, not in person. I envy you fans that live in San Diego or those of you who can watch most of the games on T.V.

I'm also happy because I find I'm looking forward to seeing how this year will turn out, but there's the rub. Maybe I'm a pessimist, maybe not. Let's take a look on how this season could turn out and what I'm hoping for by seasons end.

Padres make it to the playoffs. YES!

That's what everyone wants to see and it'd be great for the city, the new ballpark and the players and of course, us, the fans. After all, if you've been a true fan and have been supporting them for the last few years, you know we deserve it. Everything ends up rosy at the end of the year and then watch-out. I'm not sure which players contracts are tied up for a few more years, who will be a free-agent, etc. but I'm worried about what happens at the end of the year. The Pads have a team you want to keep together, somehow, some way. They are special and they need to stay together. I know in these times of free-agency, etc. that the desire to move to "greener pastures" and make the huge bucks (not just big bucks) is a draw but, come-on guys, sign up for a few more years and take the money you get. You could win a few more pennants. Have some fun. It's worth more than the money you'll get in New York and you can be dominating for a few years.

Look at what's happening to the Lakers! Payton, Malone, etc. all switched teams for a chance to win a title - didn't happen. Yeah, you'll have a larger bank account if you move on and so did Kevin Brown but how much money do you really need?

Look at Tony Gwynn. Is he happy? If he'd gone to another team, he might not have ever made it to the World Series. Don't let this happen to our favorite team. You've got something special here. You've got a mixture of young and old. You've got it all. Just sign on the dotted line and make a Displaced Padre Fan happy for many more years to come. By signing up you'll have success beyond the game and true happiness… just like me.

Kevin can be reached at: kevin_mcintyre@yahoo.com

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