Padres Prospect Interview: Josh Carter

While most of the publicity goes to those who get promoted, there are other defining moments within a career that can make or break a prospect. One of the toughest things to take in the baseball world is a demotion. This isn't a demotion that knocks a San Diego Padre down to the minors after a cup of coffee. This is being demoted somewhere within the system, while the maturation process is going on. Josh Carter faced just that when he was sent from Mobile to Lake Elsinore.

"I was pissed," Carter said. "I was real pissed. You have to be. I don't think I deserved it but I just have to do what I have to do."

You often hear about the mental aspect of the game. It can be no more clearly defined then when this happens. As a baseball player, getting sent down from Double-A to High-A is a slap in the face. There is no sugarcoating it.

Adversity will come in many forms. For some it is a slump that lasts more than it was intended. For Josh Carter it was the demotion.

Just weeks before he was sent down, Carter admitted to working on several different things with his swing. It was something the Padres brass requested of him and they came to a compromise. He also admitted he had been feeling a little awkward at the plate because of it.

Making changes to a swing in season is never an easy task. With his average suffering at Mobile, the Padres could have been looking to ease the burden on him.

That does not make it any easier to bear.

"Just keep doing the same thing day in and day out. I have no change in anything," Carter said of his approach to the game. "It is not a life or death situation. It just happened that I got sent back. I am closer to home now and just play…play how I know how to play."

And since his arrival in Lake Elsinore, Carter is swinging the bat well. And for a while he got caught up in the excitement of a race for first place before the Storm squad faltered.

He went 4-for-5 with two doubles and two RBI's on Saturday. He is 19-for-39 over the last ten games with ten doubles and four walks to put his on base percentage at .535 for the stretch.

His average has risen from .261 to .328 with Lake Elsinore and Carter attributed that to seeing the ball a little better.

"I have been hitting the ball pretty good," Carter said. "I was jumping out a little bit, pulling off a little bit, but other than that I feel real good.

With an average that is well above .300, Carter may find himself back in Mobile soon.

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