Rants and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

As I sit at my desk working, I am waiting for some news on the trade front and I begin to wonder about all the trade talk. How many of the trades are "defensive" in nature and how many are "offensive"? For instance, do the Padres try to get Randy Johnson because they really want or need him or do they try to get him to make sure the Giants or Dodgers don't take him? Do teams make "threats" about acquiring a player so that other teams will up the ante and maybe give away players of the future?

If we do get Randy Johnson, I'm sure he'll fit right in. The only problem I see is finding a uniform to fit him. Do they have one on order? What happens if they don't have one that fits? They can't come off the shelf in those sizes can they? These really are the dog days of summer; waiting, waiting, waiting. At least with the way the Padres beat up the Giants, the waiting is tolerable!

By the time this is posted, I'm sure we'll know the results of the upcoming trade deadline and what moves the Padres have or have not made but it's always fun to try and anticipate what might happen as deals do get made in August (Brian Giles anyone?).

If the Padres traded for Finley, we would have had an excess of outfielders some of whom have rather large salaries. Finley's home run production in Arizona has been good but you'd have to expect the ratio to drop in now that he is in LA (and has to play at Petco). He apparently didn't veto a trade to LA to force the issue.

Johnson doesn't seem to pose as large an issue in my mind. You can always make room for more pitchers, even after the deadline has passed.

Well, that's it for now. I'll keep watching the websites and TV to see what happens. I wish I was there to watch the Pads make a run at the pennant. It sure has been exciting from far away. Be glad you can watch it live there in San Diego, you lucky dogs.

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