K'len Morris Talks About Commitment

Grand Blanc Michigan's <b>K'len Morris</b> pledged to play his college ball at the University of Michigan yesterday during an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor. The 6-5 190-lb. junior-to-be discussed the factors that went into his commitment, his plans for the summer, and some of the other players he'll be talking to about joining him in wearing the Maize and Blue.

When did you officially make the choice and what was it that made you finally go ahead and make the decision to commit?

"I did it today it coach Amaker's office after my little visit. I like all of the coaches and it's close to home so all of my friends and family can come and watch me."

Did your familiarity with some of the other players have anything to do with it?

"Yeah, knowing some of the guys that will be going here had something to do with it. I've talked to Jerret a couple times."

What did your parents think of your decision?

"They were a large part of the reason that I chose here. They've spent all of the money to travel and watch me play AAU ball and I thought it would be nice for them to be able to watch me in college as well."

Did the coaches talk to you about where they plan to use you?

"They said I'll be playing a lot of 1 and 2 and depending on what the match-up is, probably even some 3."

Is there a spot that you feel most comfortable at?

"The 1. I like the 1."

Once you started to blow up this summer and the word got out that Michigan had offered you, did you notice other schools starting to come after you a little harder?

"Yeah, a few others. Missouri, Valpo, Maryland a little bit, Butler, and Michigan State started to as well. But when they found out how serious I was about Michigan, they backed off a bit. I haven't received any other calls recently."

How did your team (The Michigan Mustangs) finish up out in Las Vegas?

"We ended up losing in the 2nd round to San Diego Pump-N-Run."

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

"I'm just going to start hitting the weights and doing my own workouts. I'll also start working out with the team."

How does Grand Blanc look this year?

"We're looking pretty good. We pretty much have our whole starting five back. All except for two guys…but I think we'll be better this year."

Do you have any particular goals for the upcoming season?

"My goal is to do whatever it takes to win. If that means averaging 20 per game, I'll do it. If it means 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists…I'll do that."

Some players aren't willing to sacrifice their stats like that in order to win. Do you pay much attention to player rankings?

"I don't pay much attention to those. I have my own goals and I'm not going to let someone's opinion affect what I do on the court. If they have someone ranked ahead of me and I know about it, of course I'm going to go at them. But really, I don't pay much attention to all of that stuff. My parents follow all of the online stuff much more than I do. My dad checks out the reports on me and prints them out, but sometimes I almost don't want to read the stuff."

Are you going to be actively recruiting other guys to head to Michigan with you?

"Of course. Please believe I will be talking to Deshawn (Deshawn Sims, Det. Pershing rising Jr. PF who was also at the open gym) quite often and I'll be telling him that Michigan is the place. My other project is Tom Herzog. I see him around and we play against him too, so I'm definitely going to be letting him know about Michigan."

As K'len was leaving Crisler we heard him already starting his pitch to Deshawn. We'll have much more on last night's open gym later today. Be sure to join us in our regular chat session at 9 pm this evening as we talk more about K'len and how the next few basketball classes appear to be shaping up.

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