Rants and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

The "fat" lady is starting to warm up her vocal cords. The band-wagon is slowing down and people are getting ready to jump. This isn't looking to good and this week and I'm getting ready to head out of the country for business. Maybe it's ok since I'm frustrated lately. My beloved Pads are tanking it.

Right at the time they could make a move. Long home stand, division rivals, teams that are down and out and what happens? All of a sudden we can't buy a game or a break. The umpires call a fair ball foul. A strange bounce off the wall and look out – inside the park homerun. If things continue this way I suspect we'll see some injuries this week too. Let's hope not, it's bad enough as it is.

I'm still a fan, still love the Pads and am still hoping they can turn it around quickly. If not, things will get ugly.

I should state that I was glad to see the Pads didn't make any trades (I like the team we have). I thought it showed that they thought they could win with what the talent they have.

Oh, I forgot, lately we haven't seen much wins but who knows, maybe it'll turn around. If we don't see some wins soon though, the band-wagon will come to a screeching halt, the "fat" lady will be singing the blues but, I'll still be a fan even if I'm displaced even more. I'll be a fan just like I've been for over 20 years and stick by the team even when most every one else is headed elsewhere.

Of course, when the tide turns again, I'm sure all the "jump on the band-wagon" fans will be back. With more than 2 million fans this season already, the new ballpark aura will drop off faster than a ball hit to deep center at Petco.

It's not all bad though. For true fans, there will be more seating options and available seats for walk-ups. There will be smaller lines at the concession stand and restrooms. There might even be some parking spaces. It could be worse; you could be a Charger fan. Oh, I'm that too and Flutie just had surgery and Rivers isn't signed. I just can't win this week I guess, so I'll head out of the country and hope things improve while I'm gone.

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