Padres Prospect Interview: Brett Bonvechio

The San Diego Padres acquired Brett Bonvechio as the player to be named later in a deal with the Boston Red Sox that had earlier sent Henri Stanley eastward. After stating the year in Augusta, Bonvechio was put on the Fort Wayne Wizards squad in the Midwest League.

Baseball is a series of adjustments and Brett Bonvechio had to leave the only organization he knew for the Padres. Not only did he lose the guidance from his friends and former teammates, but he also lost the knowledge of the pitchers in his league.

Leaving the South Atlantic League for the Midwest League was just as big of a step as leaving the Red Sox for the Padres, and likely more important to the immediate future of Bonvechio.

Essentially, he was faced with relearning the entire league and the new pitchers he would face. Without knowing many of the Wizard players, he was on a bit of an island.

With all the trepidation comes an excitement about joining a team that clearly wanted you to be a part of the future. A rebirth in a new organization where Bonvechio can set the expectations.

"It's been a good thing for me," Bonvechio said of joining the Padres organization. "I enjoyed playing for the Red Sox, I got along real well with all the head guys there, all the managers, all the coaches, I enjoyed playing with the guys, but you know, for me, I had some injuries early on with Boston, and every year I had something that held me back reaching my full potential, so I just saw this as a new beginning."

Bonvechio is a left-handed hitting third basemen who hails from San Jose, California. In an organization largely bereft of third base talent, Bonvechio could make waves in the system with some solid hitting and timely defense.

Organization-wise, Bonvechio had to be pretty pleased to come into the Padres system with no one holding him back but himself.

"I know it sounds like everybody would say this, but I'm not one of those guys who keeps track of that," Bonvechio admitted. "I knew all of the third basemen at high-A because we had some of those guys come down from there, and told me good things about him. Other than Burroughs I'm not real familiar with anybody yet. I've been in one level of this organization."

It doesn't mean he hasn't heard the rumblings about the strength at his position. The whispers have reached his ears.

Playing the hot corner is more than just being able to drive the ball. It requires a steady glove. Being able to field the bunt, play in on the grass and still get to those hard liners that give third base its hot corner nickname.

Bonvechio has played more games at third base this year than any of his previous seasons. He split time between first and third within the Red Sox organization before joining the Wizards.

"We had an injury to our first baseman my second year, my first full season, and I ended up playing first base for the next two years. I enjoyed that, but there's nothing like playing third base. When I came to the Wizards I became the everyday third baseman. I work real hard in BP and in the field and stuff, get my work in, and I feel like my defense has improved every year I've played.

"I think I've improved a lot since I signed professionally. I played about a year and a half at third with Boston."

Defense and offense go hand in hand at the third base position. Playing them both equally well will spell success for Bonvechio. He has ten errors in 80 games with Fort Wayne, used exclusively at third base.

His offense is still a work in progress but he is beginning to show some power numbers to go with his position. He has hit a career high ten homers this year with a career high 54 RBI's.

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