Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

Well? The San Diego Padre management and players must be disheartened. I certainly am. This last week and the games against St. Louis kind of showed whether or not the Pads can play with the elite. We now know the answer. Nope. They'll have one good game then have three or four bad ones.

What really killed the Pads this week was the long ball. Take that out of the game and we come away with some wins. Then again, that's part of the game and it's not going away is? They can't hit a pitcher who hasn't pitched in almost 3 years. The writing is on the wall and I don't want to read it. Time is running out but there is one potential saving grace.

Being displaced, I've lost faith on them making the playoffs and I now know that even if they do, I know that they won't go far. They just can't compete with the ‘big dogs'. What they can do though is be the spoiler.

Let's face it. The Pads still play the Giants and the Dodgers. These series may make the difference in what teams are playing next month. It's all I have to hold on to now. It does appear the Pads will at least finish in 3rd place which is a giant leap up from last year and there's some consolation in that.

If the Pads could make a run at the playoffs what are the keys?

I'd like to think playing at home and keeping the ball in the park but the road has been nice to the Pads this season. I wish they could win more at home but maybe they need to get on the road.

Of course, they don't have any control over the schedule. The other key is to get some more productivity from the ‘Triple-A' players. We need Loretta back in the line-up and need a few players to get hot. The teams that are making a run at the playoffs have one, two, or three players right now that are, on fire and are pulling their teams.

The whole season (and many seasons getting to the point of the new ball park) comes down to the next few weeks. The afternoon game is on today and I'll try to watch it but I've lost the faith a bit and am frustrated as I'm sure every other Pad fan is too.

As I mentioned in my last column, the fat lady isn't singing yet but she sure is warming up her vocal cords.

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