Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

It's been another up and down few weeks for the Displaced Padre Fan. At one time I could hear the porcelain fixture being flushed along with the Padres (especially while they were in San Francisco). Key injuries to Greene and Burroughs during a one week period and I was in my mid-Winter doldrums. Then the Dodgers come to town and my mood changes like the seasons.

I was sorry to see the Dodgers dropping in the standings – Not!
I was glad to see Barry get his 700th homerun against the Padres – Not!
I was glad to see all the on-going hype, press, Barry this, Barry that, etc. – Not!

By the way, what's up with all the professional players (not just baseball) having their children accompany them during press conferences, during the playoffs, etc.? Remember last year when Dusty Baker's kid runs on to the field? Most people can't bring their children to work can they? It's not just baseball but I digress….

Regardless of where the Padres end up in the standings they have beat up on the Dodgers. They have contributed to the Dodgers downfall and we can only hope it continues. As I watched the game on television on Sept. 22nd, there was numerous times where I could hear the fans chanting "Beat LA", "Beat LA" in the background… great stuff!

The Padres are still four games out of the playoff picture (prior to the Sep. 23rd game) and I still think it's doubtful they'll make it this year but it's been a great season overall.

I just have to think about all the records (Padre and Major League) where the Padres are at the top of the list; Loretta (batting avg. and hits), Greene (Rookie of the Year candidate), Peavy (era leader), pitching, pitching, pitching, etc. and I realize that it's still a successful season overall.

I'm really looking forward to see what happens next year but in the meantime it sure is fun watching the Padres really affect the outcome of the standings and I'm especially hoping to see the Dodgers in the playoffs – NOT!

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