Padres Prospect Interview: Matt Bush Q&A

<i>What was the most notable differences between playing in Peoria as opposed to Eugene with the Emeralds?</i><br><br> <b>Matt Bush:</b> The players are bigger and stronger, faster. You have a real big crowd as opposed to none at all. It makes it seem more real compared to games that seemed almost as if they were exhibition because there was no one there.

In Peoria, were you subject to a lot of instruction? And could the same thing have been accomplished in Eugene?

Matt Bush: It was (more instruction). I think the same thing could have gone on in Eugene. Maybe we practiced more, worked out more but there could have been the same instruction. The infield, outfield, catching instructors go all around at each level. If you need instruction you could do it before batting practice (in Eugene).

Talk about some of your troubles at the plate. It can't be easy coming from high school into the professional ranks.

Matt Bush: I started out – my swing got real long in high school because of the aluminum bat. Everyone is always swinging for the fences. With the wooden bat – that didn't help out at all. I was flying out to right a lot.

One thing you were able to do was draw some walks. Did you feel you were getting good at bats all along?

Matt Bush: I drew my walks. When I was hitting the ball hard, everyone was making plays on me. In the beginning of the season, I couldn't find the hole. I would hit the ball good and it would be right to someone.

Out (in Eugene), I felt really good. I was seeing the ball really good and swinging at good pitches.

One night I hit two balls that would have been homers in most parks but that field out there is really big to centerfield. Their centerfielder, a first rounder, ran them both down on the warning track. I hit those two balls really well. They would have been homers in Eugene but it just comes with the territory.

So the ball flies better in Eugene? It makes sense because a lot of the guys on the team hit well at home but were awful on the road.

Matt Bush: I do think the ball flies well in Eugene. You get more home runs but everything else is basically the same, your singles and doubles will be the same. There is more room if you have a good centerfielder to run the ball down.

Besides the Instructional Leagues, what do you expect to be doing this offseason and how will you prepare for next season?

Matt Bush: I am going to go home. I have been playing on a bad hamstring and a bad knee. I haven't been 100 percent. I am going to rest for a good week. I plan on going to Mission Bay high school and I am going to donate $10,000 to them to show my appreciation.

Then I am going to work out, run and get my legs strong. I don't want to have any more injuries, especially to my hamstring. Go down to San Diego State and work out with them.

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