From the AFL: Buzz Hannahan

<i>Arizona-</i> Buzz Hannahan knows this game inside and out, he knows it from every angle, because he's seen it from every angle...this week.

"I'm playing third today, that's where I've been the most, but they've had me at second, and at first. That was weird, I haven't been over there for awhile."

That's in four games people, and he's yet to play two of his three favorite positions.

"I like playing up the middle, short, second, and center field. I've got pretty good range and I think it sort of gets wasted on the corners."

Hannahan is having a strong Arizona Fall League season, young as that season may be. He's 4 for 10 with a walk, he's been hit by a pitch, and he's swiped one bag. Stolen bases are a key to Hannahan's success, but this season in Scranton he grabbed only five bases, down from the 25 steals he tallied in Modesto the year before.

"I was playing a lot against lefties, and hitting down in the order a lot this year," Hannahan responded when asked about the drop, "so the opportunities just weren't there as often. I like to run, but I am only going to run in situations where it makes sense. I had a left handed hitter behind me most of the time, and we wanted to keep that hole open on that side."

Hannahan's numbers were solid, but he only got 217 at bats this season. Was he frustrated at the lack of playing time?

"You always want to play, but we had a lot of guys this season who were going to be free agents, and the organization needs to look at those guys so they can decide who to bring back. It was nice to get selected for the [Arizona Fall] League because it gives me more chances to show the club what I've got. It felt a little like I was being tested this year, and so I'm down here just to fine tune and improve."

For Hannahan it really is pretty simple:

"By the time you get to this level you know what kind of player you're going to be. I'm not going to hit 30 home runs, I'm going to be a guy who's ready to play anywhere, who's a tough out. Those are my assets, and that is how I can help the team."

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