Healthy returns

There has been some talk about the San Diego Padres trading Sean Burroughs. But he is coming off a knee injury that prematurely ended his season and is slated to be the leadoff hitter in '05. Khalil Greene, meanwhile, is making strides in his rehab.

The Padres expect the young left side of their infield to be back to 100 percent by the start of spring training.

Both Rookie of the Year candidate SS Khalil Greene and 3B Sean Burroughs missed the end of the 2004 season because of injuries.

Greene, who turned 25 on Oct. 21, made only two pinch-running appearances after breaking his right index finger while fielding a groundball against the Dodgers on Sept. 13.

Burroughs had right knee surgery Sept. 17, five days after his 24th birthday and two days after injuring the knee while sliding into second against the Dodgers.

While Greene's injury was the result of one play, Burroughs' knee had been giving him trouble through much of the 2004 season.

"I'm thinking the surgery will give me the two good knees I need," said Burroughs, who had surgery to his left knee in 2001 and also had shoulder surgery following the 2002 season.

Burroughs believes he will be 100 percent by spring training. In addition to having two healthy knees, Burroughs would like to go to spring training knowing where the Padres intend to hit him in the order. Last year, he split his time between leadoff (99 games) and the 6-7 spots (15 games).

"If I'm going to be the leadoff man, I've got to get better at working the count and getting walks," said Burroughs. "If I'm going to hit farther down in the order, I need to drive the ball more."

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