Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

Maybe I should call this article "Miscellaneous Rants and Raves" since it's not really addressing the Padres per se.

As I watched the playoffs I noticed a few things that I don't understand. Some of them must be "tradition" or "superstitions" but it's fun to have something to tease everyone about. I would have loved to see Houston and Boston in the World Series but I am just glad the Yankees lost.

I can see the commercials now:

$50 for a ticket
$20 for parking
$20 for a hat
$20 for an autograph
Millions of dollars in endorsements, commercials, promotions, and appearances
$180 Million in salaries, only to lose and cry on national TV….

Also, watching World Series I wonder if my old Little League team could play a bit better. Fielding and running errors are rampant. So far I've had a hard time staying awake for this series and it's all but over – by the time this is posted.

Now, on to some "Miscellaneous Rants and Raves". Some of these only pertain to the League Series since it appears everyone has new hats.

a) Why is there an abundance of helmets that look like they took a blow torch to them? You can't see the team logo; the helmets are beat up, look ugly and probably would crack if a ball hit it. I'm sure they don't pay for the helmets out their own pocket. Get a new helmet!
b) What's up with the sweaty salt residual baseball caps being worn? I'm sure you can wash them or get a new one (see a) above). Get a new hat (and give me the old one)!
c) Similar to b) except just plain dirty caps. Come on. Aren't you worried about your team image?
d) The curse is over!!! It was about Boston vs. NY, not about the World Series. Get over it and let the Cubs live with their own curse. (If you subscribe to the other side of the fence – it's about winning the World Series, that's over too.)
e) Funny how a guy who's batting well below .100 becomes a hero after one game? Cut your hair!
f) Funny how you start hearing about the Yankees and which free agents they might go after, etc. right after they lose the ALCS. Can you say parity (or lack of)?
g) Funny how some of the Yankee players were more than happy to play up to the TV, do interviews, etc. and then once they lose, all of a sudden they walk out of interviews, etc. Cry babies!
h) Smiling to myself, watching Kevin Brown and remembering, "It's not about the money" statement when he left the Padres. Be real!
i) Saddened about the number of free agents playing in the playoffs and World Series that will be on the Yankee team next season. I predict $220 Million in payroll next year for the Yankees. I wish I had that much money!
j) Wondering what is going on in a pitchers mind when he gets upset and breaks his hand in frustration. Helllllooooo McFly?
k) Watching a St. Louis pitcher (who makes a ton of money) who has a chance to tie a game freeze up. He was almost to home already.
l) Watching the World Series has reminded me of those pee-wee games where if you hit the ball, just keep running and watch the ball chase you around the bases trying to get you out.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure I'll have more to write about in the coming months when the free agency market opens up or when the Pads make some moves.

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