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Every week at Sean Thompson checks in for his weekly journal, Thompson Tuesdays. From time to time we'll give you a FREE PREVIEW OF THIS PREMIUM CONTENT, and this is your lucky week, as Sean gives you the exciting conclusion to 'Brawling With Cooney.'

Ok, so now I have just a week to get all the stuff I will need for the coming year to be situated for the next 6 months.  I'm know that I will probably wait until the night before to pack it all, but for me that's ahead of the game.  Anyway, I'm going
to be working out with the college for the next week, and then I'm going out to see my Kristen in Tennessee.  So the most important things are it that I'm going to be in shape, my arm will be ready, and my mind will be focused.

You know it's funny, it feels like just yesterday, Coony and I were sitting on the couch in Fort Wayne watching The Great Lebowski with tears in our eyes.  Well, enough of that, since I'm assuming that everybody is waiting to hear the rest of the story from last week. 

Ok, so lets see, I think I left off with the haymaker that Coony threw which didn't connect. 

So there we are out on the mound, all hell has broken loose, and people are flying everywhere.  As I'm getting up to find someone to hit, I look over and notice Leo Rosales storming in from the bullpen, and as soon as I start to turn away my perifial vision catches a glimpse of Rosie getting blindsided by what was later reported as 'Satan's right hook.'  I'm telling you before the shot, I'm assuming he was radaring in on someone but after that hit, I'm not sure he could have identified his parents in a lineup. 

One of our guys was going around and throwing windmill punches on all of the opposing team's players, and he was aiming at heads that were being stood up by our grapplers.  I guess you could say, we were setting em up, and this cat was knocking em down.  That went on for a few more minutes, and then I see Girardeau and Wells in their street clothes down on the field.  I mean, come on, if that wasn't a perfect team bonding moment, then I don't know what is. 

Now back to my boy Coony, after his swing and miss I see him start circling with another guy.  They both wound up, Coonys missed and then somehow the other guy was gone, but as soon as Coony turned around, another monster swings and catches him right between the eyebrows.  I saw a little blood from his head come out, but let's be honest, you know how them Ohio boys roll.  We all know that when they are young they are fed pieces of glass, hydrated with anti freeze, and bathed in acid.

So I knew that he was fine, but right then about eight guys jumped on him like a bunch of hyenas.  It was like slow mo as he was falling to the ground.  Yeah, so this sounds like a movie, what's the problem?!  Anyway that was, again, my chance to jump in so I just took a running head start and swan dove into the middle of that mess.

I get up out of that after a few minutes, and I'm looking down at Luke Carlin wrestling with someone, and somebody decides to run over and try to kick a field goal with his head.  I see Target, our manager, storm into this kid and basically pick him up by his jersey and lay into him.  I'm not going to lie, that charged me up like you wouldn't believe, I'm talking charged like Star Wars came out with a new movie and owning a pocket protector got you in free.  I'm turning around to find someone, anyone, and I see the craziest thing. 

The game is on hold, and due to the brawl that we are in, obviously it will not be finished this day, yet I still see baseballs being thrown. Yeah, that's right, we've got the fireballers, like on Mario.  Just toasting guys that are laying on the ground.  Oh, and what a surprise, Coony gets one right in the middle of the back.  Right about now, its starting to get a little bit scary. You may not think that nine minutes is a long time, but honestly, that nine minutes made me close my eyes and wish that I was back in high school.  At this point badges started filling the field and piles of guys started to clear up.  Remember, this whole time it is kids day at the park.

The field was cleared, we got escorted to our bus, and then we got a great speech from Target.  It was fun, but at the same time it was honestly kinda scary.  So that's it, that was the big story, and it is a fond memory of mine.  Now that I used up about an hour of my packing and getting ready for Spring Training time typing, I think it's time I get back to that, until next week...........oh yeah by the way, if any of you fans (and when I say fans, I'm assuming that you are not fans of mine, I'm very aware that there is a short supply) want to drop a line, send an email to my editor, James Renwick, at, feel free to bash my brains in and send hate mail, remember it keeps me going!

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