Thompson Tuesdays

Ahhhhhhhhhh yes, I'm here in paradise. And just so you know, normally I would never say that about Arizona. Too hot for me. I like the cold weather. Ok, so far it has been amazing out here. I walked in the clubhouse the first day and wow, I couldn't believe it. Looking at my locker was like looking under the tree Christmas morning. I mean I'm talking everything a fan of a team would go to Footlocker and spend a bunch of money on. The good stuff.  

It was really cool for me to actually finally be down here and everything.  Meeting the guys, everything, but when I pulled my jersey out and looked at the back, I'm not gonna lie, I got a little teary eyed.  I've worked my whole life and though I'm still a few stops away from the show, it was still and emotional moment for me.  When I saw the name spread across the back of my jersey, thought of how hard my parents worked and how much my family sacrificed to get me to where I am...they have been so supportive of me and I love them so much.  

So after my weepy episode, I went over to check out the other stuff in our clubhouse.  I pushed one of the buttons on the Gatorade machine and out came a drink.  No money, and I received a beverage, how does that work?  In my town, even when you pay for stuff, and you may not get it.  It is just awesome down here.  The workouts have been alright so far, I mean at least I haven't wanted to pull my arms off my body to beat my self to death yet.  The big boys down here are really mellow and laid back, nobody has been short with me or snappy yet.  Granted I have said about four things to anyone that walks by.   Hey, I'm a peasant over here, in our clubhouse of big league Kings.  I have to stay humble and stay quiet, I mean I haven't done enough to open my mouth anyway so it works out.  

The workouts starting at 9:00am aren't as bad as I thought they would be.  I have been getting up at a pretty early time and I have been going to bed at a decent hour.  In fact, on Saturday, I slept from one in the afternoon to ten at night, got up and ate, and then went back to bed till we had to leave to the next workout.  I was pretty tired I'm not going to lie, but I was also close to a coma because we had our physicals that day and blood tests.  All this is a bunch of standing around and waiting around.  Very tiring and boring, it wore me out.  

My apartment is pretty legit...actually its great.  Free stuff is always nice plus we got our money a few days ago.  That was a crazy day.  We got our money and we proceeded to go to the mall.  Chris Oxpring and I went to the mall so he could get some stuff.  We went in to the GNC store and he spent a few bucks.  Then we went into the Gamepro shop so we could get the new Tiger Woods for Playstation.  We left to go to the gas station so I could get some circle shaped container nicotine.  He decided to come in with me and get something to drink.  While he was in line, he reached into his back pocket to get his envelope of his cash, and it wasn't there.  We checked the car and all his bags in the trunk.  We sped back to the mall and Ox sprinted back into GNC, it wasn't there.  He went to Gamepro and there, sitting on the edge of the counter, was his money. 

Untouched, and untampered with, it contained all of the cash that was in there before.  No one took it, and that's amazing.  I'm serious, if that were in my home town, he would have seen his money in the form of about $1100 in Corona.  So that was very refreshing for Ox and me, kind of a good omen, because I would have felt pretty bad for the guy. Well, that's about all, I mean not as much has gone on for the past few days so I think I will be better equipped with more interesting things to tell you next week.  Just wait, the best is yet to come.

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