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When we last heard from Sean he was on his way, now he's landed in Peoria, AZ and is on the field with the likes of Roberts, Nevin, Ashby, Eaton and Klesko. How is he adjusting? Like a kid in a candy store.

I'm telling you all, right now, this is the place to be.  It's amazing in every aspect that you can think of.  Every morning you come into a shined, polished fresh looking pear of spikes.  ESPN on every channel, and a breakfast that the President would envy. 

Ok, or it's just a hot breakfast and it's free.  Krispy Kreme boxes, fruit, everything you could imagine.  The jerseys look brand new every morning.  Its surprisingly upbeat for being so early in the morning.  I mean, six-forty-five in the morning is early for me, and as I walk into that clubhouse, it all just fades away.  Honestly, time stops for me each time I walk into that place.  I'm in the best mood, I'm having the time of my life, and I'm always smiling. 

All the big boys in there are so awesome.  Ryan Klesko, Brian Giles, Dave Roberts, Eric Young, all of them are just the coolest guys.  Phil Nevin, I'm telling you, these guys are the most stand up guys I have met in a long time.  Adam Eaton is one of the goofiest guys ever.  I mean, you all know how you sit down and watch a baseball game on TV, or watch Sportscenter and you see all these guys with that determination.  They are all bulldogs out there. 

When I'm around them, that's not all they are.  So, picture all that determination and baseball savy on the field, and then picture "Rugrats," "Family Guy," "Home Improvement," Bad Boys 1 and 2 and all the Friday movies.  Combine all those things together and that's what everyday down here is like for me. The comedy of these guys is just outstanding. 

The ring leader of them all, has to be Andy Ashby.  This guy is a trip.  He is such a goofy cat and they all are the same. Its just nice to see the other side that most people don't get to see.  It makes me as a person feel better knowing that these hard nose ballplayers are still having the time of their life and enjoying the game we play.  If I could have all my buddies out here just to experience this like I am, so they could see the true meaning of 'Americas Past Time.'  Justin Dillard, Kevin Mackey, Sam Rosenbrock, just to name a few.  These guys love the game just as much as I do and I would love for them to experience this with me. 

The fans are outstanding as well.  People lined up along the fences, sitting and standing in the burning sun, to get our names on sheets of papers, or cards, or hats, or even the unmentionables.  Nah, just playing.  Honestly though, what better life than this.  We play a game, and people all over the world want to know us, not so much me but you know, they want our signatures, just to take a photo with us or talk to us for that matter.  Really though, who are we to have so much of an influence.  I tell you this is a great game.  I have thrown live batting practices twice now, and wow, the seven guys that I had to face...are you kidding me?  Let's see, Klesko, Giles, Green, Loretta, Nevin, Roberts, and Hernandez.

I ask again.  Are you kidding me?  It was so unbelievable.  I had to show them what pitches were coming, and the screen was still in front of me, but it was still awesome.  Giles and Roberts had some nice things to say to me and so did the rest, but just to step on the mound and see the stars in the box, one that just won a World Series...yeah...what really kept me from soiling my pants I'm not quite sure. 

Honestly though, I wasn't rattled at all, in fact I felt more comfortable out there than I think that I ever have.  As for all that, games start soon so I should save the rest of my baseball week and put it in the next one.  Now...

Editor's Note:  In Sean's first edition of 'Thompson Tuesdays' (Sean Thompson journal) he talked about losing the state championship game in High School.  We received this letter and forwarded it to Sean this past week.

I would like to make a comment on Sean Thompson and his first entry in
Thompson Tuesday's. 

I have been a close friend and teammate of Sean's throughout the years and would
like to know the kind of person that he really is. 

In the article Sean clearly states that he lost the State Championship for his
High School team, what he failed to mention is that in that game he pitched over
173 pitches, had 21 K's, gave up 1 run and came up with a modest 3 hits himself
in the game. 

It would be nice to share that Sean's success far exceeds the result of that

Sam Rosenbrock

Sam Rosenbrock, thank you for writing in buddy, you are still one of my best friends, and you were always one of the best.  As for that State Championship...just to clarify, I threw 192 pitches in the State Championship, and struck out 24. Yes, I contributed to that game as much as I could, in fact I even lost the game for us, and won the game for them. 

Well I think that's going to do it for me this week, but until next week........oh yeah, Kristen, I miss you very much and mom and dad and David and my widdle puppy Yoshi, I miss you all and
I love you guys very much.

Sean Thompson can be reached through his editor at


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