Klesko healthy again

A healthy Ryan Klesko changes the complexity of the San Diego Padres lineup. Another powerful bat in the middle of the order should make the pitches Brian Giles and Phil Nevin see better - as teams fear to throw to "Rhino".

Ryan Klesko, a workout junkie, is high on the Padres' new yoga program.

"I like yoga," he said. "It's a great way to start the morning. The stretching has a reason. You can feel that. It's the right type of stretching. I will continue to use the yoga. My back has felt great."

Last spring, Klesko came to camp while still rehabbing following shoulder surgery. He wasn't able to resume his weight-lifting program until late last summer.

"I'm lifting weights again and have been able to go back to my 33-ounce bat," Klesko said. "Last year, I couldn't lift that bat."

Klesko, healthy at last, is hoping to parlay a solid spring into the regular season. The dimensions of Petco Park aside, Klesko appears to have his power back after hitting two homers on Thursday. Still, Petco haunts many of the Padres' players.

"We know the park better this year, so it shouldn't be as frustrating on us as it was last year. But it is frustrating. You're going to see us ticked of at times.

"You have to change completely there. You have to take the loft out of your swing. It's not just the dimensions. The ball hangs up in the salt air. ... The ball just dies.

"I was surprised when I saw the park, but what are you going to do? Will they admit that they were wrong? No. Will they bring in the fences? No.

"It's fair until it shoots out (in left and right center). It not only takes away a lot of homers, it takes away a lot of hits because outfielders can run the balls down. Our power is to the alleys, and we have a lot of guys who hit for high averages. We have to turn it into our advantage.

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