Thayer Thursdays

He's made it to camp, he started getting game action, and to tell the truth, Matt Thayer is a little nervous. In is online journal the Padres prospect talks about what it's like to be in center, stare in at the pitcher, and see the name 'Hoffman' on the back.

The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and everything seems to be going as planned. I am not too picky at this point after spending the last few months getting pounded by endless storms out on the west coast. I almost forgot that there was a sun.

With that said, the last few days have been pretty typical and ordinary every-day days. After a couple of days of team workouts we jumped right into our first spring training game against Texas at our place.  As I took my place in centerfield for the beginning of the game, I noticed that a crowd had formed in the bullpen behind our dugout. Shortly after, a person emerged from the mass and headed to the mound to finish his warm-ups. As he turned to face the catcher I got my first glance of the name on the back of his shirt. Now when you see a name on the back of a jersey you know that you are playing with the big leaguers, and with a closer look I was able to make out what it spelled…HOFFMAN. 

At that point things started to change a little bit. 

The calm, yet excited feeling, quickly turned to just nervousness. Yeah, I was a little nervous. What if I didn't make the play the way he was used to it being made, or what if I did something wrong that forced him to make a few more pitches than he was scheduled to make. Well, in typical baseball fashion it wasn't long till the ball was hit high into the Arizona "high sky" and apparently it was heading my way according to the yells coming from my teammates. At that point, I really wished that I could have seen what they saw but that was not the case. I froze staring up at nothing for what seemed like forever, then I saw it and it was coming straight down a few yards in front of me. I came running in made the play and thanked the man upstairs for not letting me look like a total rookie at that moment. 

Despite making it look a lot harder than it really was I was happy that I caught the ball and made the out. The inning was over quickly and on my way back into the dugout a smiling Mr. Hoffman greeted me with a high-five and a pat on the back. Not a bad way to start off a tough month of spring training. There is plenty more to come but that's all I have time for right now. They got us under a pretty time consuming schedule over here. Till next time……

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