Mad Friars Blog Day 5

There are some things I just don't understand. I have a moral fiber that requires me to look at the big picture but I don't lose sight of what is in front of me. The Padres understand the big picture but sometimes forget the time and effort they have put into their system.

I admit I have a problem. A day or two ago, I explained my propensity to promote from within. Two examples later, I have had enough.

But Denis, there is only one example?

Wrong you are. The first example occurred during spring training when Geoff Blum and Eric Young were brought aboard. Nice guys, both of them. But they block the path of another player that has worked his way through the system and is a known commodity.

His name is J.J. Furmaniak.

Furmaniak had a successful year in Portland and continued his work in the offseason by going to Mexico specifically to play second base. My mathematical calculations say he can therefore play three positions - the perfect utility player.

On Monday, the Padres added Tim Redding, a shoe-in for the fifth spot in the rotation over Tim Stauffer and Justin Germano, right?

"I don't think we really want to name who our fifth starter is right yet," Towers surprisingly said.

But we know the truth. Stauffer pitched on Monday but the deal was consummated before he took the hill.

"Neither (Stauffer or Germano) has pitched a full season of Triple-A yet," Towers defended.

Yeah, we know. We just don't have to be happy about it.

Ironically, I have been a big fan of Tim Redding and his potential. The price - I am uncomfortable with and it has only a little to do with Humberto Quintero.

Yesterday I speculated Andy Asby may get into the rotation two months from now because of the uncertainty surrounding Darrell May, but I have since ammended that thinking.

So has manager Bruce Bochy:

"It's an understatement (to say) that this was not a good outing."

Now, Justin Germano and Tim Stauffer are frontrunners to replace May. Germano has the benefit of pitching with the team last year and Stauffer is thought to be Major League ready.

"Disappointment definitely came into the picture," Germano said on Thursday, before May's outing.

The good news is he will get another shot on Sunday against the Cubs. He could swipe the fifth spot with an outing that doesn't rival May's eight runs in two-thirds of an inning.

It almost isn't fair. Heck, who we kidding? It isn't fair at all. Jake Peavy will pitch against the High-A Lake Elsinore Storm in his primer for the home opener at Petco Park.

I guess the thinking is it is more important to give some confidence to Peavy than it is to give some confidence to the Minor Leaguers. Peavy, the reigning ERA Champ, surely needs the confidence, right?

Is there a feeling by anyone but me that Andy Ashby could be pitching in San Diego sometime in May and slotted in as the number five starter?

Darrell May will have a very short leash through the season. The Padres can't afford to give him a whole lot of tether with the opportunity to seize the NL West early.

Just when you think the worrying over Brian Lawrence and spring is over, he tosses up a gem. Six runs in five innings of work. Ironically, Lawrence has pitched very well through his usually laborous March. That has to bode well for the Padres when the season begins in a few short weeks.

Justin Germano could see the writing on the wall. With Darrell May on the roster, he pretty much knew he would be tapped for Triple-A duty. That doesn't make it any easier. Germano, still young enough to make a difference, was hoping for a legitimate shot at the number five spot. He admitted to us that getting sent down early wasn't exactly what he had in mind.

Paul McAnulty may be starting the year with the Double-A Mobile squad but his words on Thursday night was all about San Diego. In fact, while he knows he will start in Mobile, his goal is "to be in San Diego this year."

With the stick he possesses, it isn't that far out of the imagination. He is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Jake Peavy told us he went hunting right after the season with David Wells. A country boy, Peavy may have to alter his outdoorsmen ways.

It turns out the insurance policy to cover Peavy does not include any accidents that occur hunting or on a boat fishing.

With a contract that could be worth $26 million, he can live with that.

Sean Burroughs has been hit by more pitches, three, than he has extra base hits, two.

Travis Chick checked in the other day after he pitched four innings of one run ball against the Triple-A squad in an intra-squad scrimmage. Chick is likely slated to join the Mobile BayBears to begin the year and could quickly rise to Portland.

Josh Barfield went perfect this spring for the Padres. A perfect 0-for-11. Don't worry, he will shine in Triple-A and be back on the radar as the top bat in the Padres system.

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