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Sean Thompson took a week off from his weekly <b>Thompson Tuesdays</b> last week because...well...because his girl was in town, and if any of you checked out that University of Tennessee soccer pic of Kristen he mentioned you know why it was a wise decision. He's back this week and cuts were made, Sean didn't get a pink slip, but friends did, and to know Sean is to know that when a friend is hurting, Sean is hurting. He reflects, and sends some love, this week.

Ok, so lets see, I have about three days left of Spring Training and I should be the happiest person alive, right?  Shouldn't I be?  Why don't you try hanging around guys or friends for two or three years straight.  Season after season, watching your boys go out and defend your honor with every pitch that they have. 

Then, a week before we break to our season, see that guy, or guys, who sweat, and bled with you through over a hundred games break down in tears. I'm talking mid twenties, soggy eyed, down in the dumps, and pretty much lost without the game.  The game that, for that moment, has actually been taken away from them.  Yeah, that's right, it's that time again in Spring Training when the squad has to be broken down to fit the criteria.  I understand that real life or whatever is much harder and that our problems may seem miniscule to the norm, but as I said before if you readers want it, then you are going to get it. 

Yes, its fun.  Yes it's the time of ours lives, but when you get to the point where your number might be up, then it gets rough.  I had to watch two of my good friends, teammates, take the long walk this past week.  That means when I showed up at the ballpark, I stepped out of my car to find, a 25 year old man, crouched down in the worst position ever.

In tears. 

H had just gotten released. 

Yeah I know we all bitch about waking up early, and shagging batting practice all the time, but now my boys are sitting on the side, soggy eyed and left with the feeling that it's over.  I'm sorry that this article isn't upbeat and exciting, but that's the way it is down here.  Truthfully though, it's hard to see the things that have to happen down here.  You can never take anything for granted, and always step on the field like it could be your last time. 

For the boys that went home this week, whether you were with us, the Padres, or any other team, my heart goes out to you. 

Now some how if we can get to a higher note, the teams have been basically set for San Diego over here.  I'm going to Lake Elsinore, California.  Hi-A is where I will be. Is it a disappointment?  Yes, in a way.  I was slotted to go to Double-A Mobile, but my velocity wasn't there, and frankly, I didn't deserve to go there. I haven't had the best outings down here.  I have left the ball up in the zone, and walked several hitters.  Trust me though, I will be where I want to be
sooner than you will think.  I just need to locate my fastball better and be more consistent. 

Anyway, Kristen just left a few days ago and let me tell you, that was hard.  She is so great and it calms me so much when I'm out on the mound knowing that she is out there watching.  We purchased something together this past week that I cannot fully tell you about, because it might bother a few of you our there because I know a few of you that read this.  Let me tell you though, its very cute, and very well trained.  I apologize to all of you that might have been upset about last week when I was unable to fill my journal in, but hey, if you are still reading then that means that you understand, and you're not going to hate on the fact that I slipped up and missed one appearance. 

In fact, with all that has happened, with the cuts and all, I'm too stressed, and upset to go any further, so please forgive me, but I have to go until next week, I'm so sorry.

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