MadFriars Exclusive: 2005 Mobile Bay Bears Roster gives you an exclusive look at the 2005 Mobile Bay Bears roster.

The 2005 Mobile Bay Bears roster:

Twenty-Three players are definite (barring something unforeseen)...

Brian Whitaker
Travis Chick
Michael Thompson
Roger Deago
Michael Bumstead
Jack Cassel
Geoff Jones
Natanael Mateo
RD Spiehs
Rusty Tucker
Dale Thayer
Nick Trzesniak
Luke Carlin
Greg Sain
Ronnie Merrill
Luis Cruz
Corey Smith
Troy Cameron
Mike Richardson
Kennard Jones
Paul McAnulty
Casey Baker
Jason Clements
The Padres are on the fence for the last two spots on the Double-A roster, but these two are probables...

Nate Sevier
Craig Breslow

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