MadFriars Blog: April Two

Minor League rosters are on the verge of being finalized and there aren't too many surprises.

It was a surprise to see Clark Girardeau on the Fort Wayne roster. It seemed a certainty that he would begin the year in LE. He should be back with the Storm soon enough.

Fabian Jimenez has loads of talent and is still only 18 years old. Seeing on the Fort Wayne roster will be a challenge and the Padres believe he can excel at it. He struggled some last year but the front office is very high on him.

The outfield in Fort Wayne may be one of the best defensive outfields assembled. Ruben Mora and Yordany Ramirez sport the top two outfield arms in the system.

Edgar Huerta was supposed to be challenging for a bullpen spot in San Diego. Health problems shelved him several times last year and the closest he will be to San Diego is Lake Elsinore.

Wilmer Villatoro got caught in a numbers crunch it appears. The Mobile bullpen is looking stellar and Villatoro will be with the Storm again after a dominating 2004. A definite surprise.

No surprise, but Kervin Jacobo is back. The Mariners tried to convert him to a pitcher but it appears he will be heading to third base. The one problem is Brett Bonvechio plays third as well - so that poses a problem.

R.D. Spiehs isn't happy. That is what I think. He had a great year in Mobile and is back in Double-A this year. He will anchor one of the best bullpens the Padres' minors has ever assembled.

The Mobile team should have plenty of power, but little speed. They have four players that could hit 20 homers or more.

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