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What have we learned in our time with Padres Prospect Sean Thompson? Quite a bit, but nothing like what we're learning now. Clean up hitters? No sweat. The Padres Major League lineup? Easy. Spiders? That's a different story, but fear not, young Thompson has gotten himself a guard dog, and named it Bella. This week, in honor of Opening Day we give you a <b>FREE PREVIEW OF THOMPSON TUESDAYS</B>.

Ahhhh yes, the season may finally start. Just a few more days left, and then we get to begin our quest for excellence.  On a rough note, my boys Grant  Gregg and  Kevin Beavers were released this past week, and I just want to take a second and send out some love to those boys because they were a couple of awesome guys.  


So now I'm in Lake Elsinore, California, soaking up as much sun as my pasty white rack of bones can handle, and let me tell you, I'm gonna be lookin' Latin when I leave this place.  I live with an awesome host family that has a great set up for this upcoming season.  Just a few minutes away from the field, and there is always a big meal waiting for me.  I'm not gonna lie though, these Cali drivers are psycho.  I'm talkin' "Hey!  It's a kid zone, not the Autobahn!"  I mean come on.  


Anyway, we just got done with a few workouts in the sun as well as under the lights, but there was nothing like getting our brains beat in by the San Diego Padres.  The game was fun, tons of fans, and truthfully, whiting out the fifteen to four score, we showed a lot of potential for this season.  We had the Latin connection out on the mound for us, and they looked promising, especially when they were facing all the big boys of our organization.  


I'm feeling pretty good about how my arm is feeling, and as soon as I pull my head out of the place where I powder everyday before games, I think that I might break the five hundred mark, record wise, and have an impressive but deceiving to the outside-looking-in 8.00 ERA.  In all honesty though I feel great and I'm excited to start the season.  The weather is nice so far, I do hate the heat, but lets face it, I'm going to get to pitch in my thirty-degree weather so I might as well get used to my eye brows and my ears starting on fire at least three times a week.  


I had just got into town a few days ago, and Jared Wells and I went to meet up with our host family.  We came over to their house and as they were giving us the full tour, we went over to the pool.  Everything looked nice and comforting, until I looked down and saw the Anti-Christ wiggling in the pool.  It was a baby, but not small, bastard looking tarantula.  I mean like Arachnophobia all over again.  When I saw that thing, I was in the house, in the bathroom, in the shower with the door locked before anyone could smell the mess I had just made in my pants.  I mean I was so scared, and yeah sure, the brown ones aren't poisonous, and yeah they don't bite, but cars aren't supposed to hit people, and movies aren't supposed to give crazy little punk kids ideas either.  I was still picturing that stupid little critter eating my eyes out and driving its toothpick fangs into my jugular.  So yeah whatever, I'm a cookie and I'm scared of spiders, or anything that has more that two legs that five year olds could squash with their toys, but whisper in my ear and ask me if I care.  Put me in a cage with a tiger; don't put me on the same block with a damn spider.  


Anyway, again I must apologize to the three of you that read this, mom, dad, Kristen, I'm sorry for a few weeks ago when the article was not out, but I'm here again and I'm still crackin' away.  Kristen and I decided that we would get a little puppy while she was visiting me.  It's a very little, cute Chihuahua.  I know what your thinking already, a tough, macho, muscle bound animal such as myself should have a pit or a rot.  But, you also have already seen the sally, left my purse in my mini, light half caf, skim, frappaccino side so back off.  It's a really cute dog and it was for my baby.  Her name is Bella and she is a really awesome puppy and is very easy to keep clean.  I mean just picture picking up the last few jelly bellies off the ground because you dropped them and stepped on them, and that's pretty much the basis of the whole potty training of that little rat with big ass ears.  Really though, she is awesome and you will see her crouched up in my lady's arms if you see any Elsinore games this year.  


My parents are very eager to come out and see me throw, because they haven't been out to see my yet this year.  I would love for them to come out and visit California but there is a bit of a problem.  See, when I was in high school, some people went to class, had fun, and graduated.  I avoided class, had fun getting in trouble, and then racked up tons of lawyer bills.  So my parents have finally gotten done paying all my fines and my lawyer fees, but there is one problem, how are they going to come out and see me?  So, I will now begin taking donations for the flight of the Thompson family fund.  There will be a raffle at the end of the collections for a brand new, one of a kind, full album of all the lawyer receipts that we received.  It will be laminated, and there will be an extra two autographs of mine that were filled out at the end of a few police reports back in 2000.  Ok, seriously though, my parents will be coming out soon to see me so feel free, if you're in Elsinore, to come to the game and say hi to them, they really are the most amazing people you will ever meet.  I love you mom and dad very much and I hope to see you really soon and no they will be fine getting out here so the donations can just be sent to me.  Well that's all the time I have for now but I'll be back in a week. Peace.


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