Interview: Paul McAnulty

Fresh off winning Position Player of the Year award for 2004, Paul McAnulty is looking towards San Diego this year. Nothing short of making the Major League roster at some point in 2005 will do for Paul McAnulty. After having an appetizer with the Padres this spring, it is a place he wants to be. He may have known that he would be sent down to Mobile to begin the year but it does not make the pain any less.


“It is always a disappointment, but I got a little taste to see what it was like,” McAnulty said.  “I still have to work everyday.  I still have to pay my dues and hopefully one day I will be up in San Diego.”


One day, the slugging outfielder hopes, is sometime later this year.


“My number one goal this year is to get in the Big Leagues sometime this year,” he said candidly.  “That is my ultimate goal, to get in the Big Leagues sometime this year.”


Aspirations are high for McAnulty after he tore up the California League and helped Mobile win their first round playoff series en route to a share of the Southern League Championship. 


His totals in Lake Elsinore read:

.297 average, 23 homers, 36 doubles, 85 RBI’s, 88 walks, and 97 runs scored


He continued his success in the Arizona Fall League posting:


.353 average, six homers, ten doubles, 25 RBI’s, nine walks and 24 runs scored in 27 games.


But the most important work of the offseason came during the Instructional League and his hard work in the outfield.


He was not scheduled to go to Instructs but thought it was an important part of his defensive development.


A converted first baseman, McAnulty had his first exposure to the outfield last season in Lake Elsinore and wanted to improve upon those traits this offseason.


“It is going real good.  I have been playing the outfield a lot.  On the Big League side I was playing right field a lot.  I am feeling really comfortable out there compared to last year.  I worked really hard in Instructs and the Fall League and it is starting to show, starting to pay off for me.”


Part of his offseason was working to add more muscle and get quicker.  Besides adding ten pounds of muscle to an already formidable frame, McAnulty worked hard to make sure he could cover more ground in the outfield.


Knowing how spacious Petco Park is, it was a step that he had to take.


I got a couple weeks off and then started working out again,” McAnulty said.  “I am a little bit quicker than I was last year.  I feel a lot better than last year and I will see what it is like playing at this weight.”


After a season that accumulated 62 extra base hits with the Storm, it is hard to imagine how many he will have this year with increased strength.  Either way, Mobile will be happy to have him.


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