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While there is a sense of calm every time Jake Peavy takes the hill, there is a sense of despair and anxiety every time the ball is handed to Brian Lawrence.


Wednesday was a prime example of the difference. Jake Peavy went seven strong innings to pick up the win.  And that is expected of the staff ace.


Brian Lawrence, however, yielded seven runs in 2.2 innings of work.  And it is the type of outing that one fears every time he takes the hill. 


He has always found a way to win, and that attitude has been a saving grace for a pitcher without dominant stuff.  His game is about location and getting the much needed out when he is in trouble.  The double play is his best friend, especially considering the opposition hit .287 off him in 2004. 


They are hitting .519 off him this year just so ya know.


If there is one link in the chain that is rusty, it isn't Tim Redding.  It is Lawrence and his inconsistency from week to week.  As many gems as he has, he supplements them with scary outings that has one thinking AAAA player.


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