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Matt Thayer was disappointed, there's no denying it. After learning that he would be left in extended Spring Training rather than head to Lo-A Fort Wayne to open the 2005 season Matt took a couple days off and got his head straight. Armed with tools, desire, the will to win and a new attitude Matt has returned to Peoria, AZ and gone back to doing what he does best, playing baseball. <b>Thayer Thursdays</b> returns as well, and Matt gives us a little preview of what is in store for him.

So the season is a week old, and my expectations of freezing in Fort Wayne have turned into a reality of sweating in Peoria. Being stuck in extended spring training was something I had hoped to avoid but here I am. There is really little I can control at this point with regards to where I go or when I go there.


Well at least that's how I felt when the news was delivered, but after a few days of questioning and a short trip home to clear my head I have returned with a new mindset. In fact, there is a lot that I can control and there is a lot that I need to stop trying to control. Having to see the look on my friends' faces when they have just been told that they have played their last day of baseball and are headed home to join the rest of the working world is something that I can't control.  Being placed on the extended roster is also something that I can't exactly control.


Whether I am going to be sweating tomorrow or freezing tomorrow while I play baseball is out of my control. So, why worry about these things? Yeah, these things are bad, but there are far worse happenings. I have decided that I will only try to control the things that are in my control and learn to control my attitude towards the things that I can't control.


With that in mind, I understand that my friends that got released are capable and will do just fine in the real world. Being able to work outside and not deal with the daily grind in a cubical somewhere is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. For the next however long I will proceed to wake up at 6am and head to the complex with my new attitude. I will do whatever work is necessary and be prepared to go wherever whenever the call comes.


Sorry about last week everybody. I am back now and will keep you guys up to date on any new happenings out here.


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