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Every week Sean Thompson checks in with and drops a little of his particular brand of knowledge in an online journal we've titled <b>Thompson Tuesdays</b>. Last week you might remember Sean took exception with our publisher, Denis Savage, over an inflated walk total. Always a go-getter, Mr. Savage made the trek to Lake Elsinore to watch Sean pitch, and wouldn't you know it, the two just happened to run in to each other.

Two outings out of the way and I must say, "Golly, the Cal League is a hitter's league."  Anyway, before I start ripping on the doubters I would like to start the week with another bit of sadness, another release.  This time San Diego went all out in trying to make me want to hate the world.  This past weekend, Aaron Coonrod was released from our organization, and that just crushed me.  The damn guy was one of, if not the, best friend I had in this organization.  All the crazy, funny, times that we had rooming together, all the bus rides, they are just memories now. 


No more of it to look forward to.  It really does hurt inside for me because I knew him really well and I just wish there was something that I could have done.  Not by any means is he done, but to not be able to go to the field in Spring Training and look over at him and shout out a line from The Big Labowski…it really does suck.  He has an awesome son, Gavin, and I may never get to see him again. 


Is there, I don't know, like a little manual in my locker that reads "How To Make Sean Thompson Want to Destroy Each Part of His Mind, Heart, and Spirit"?  Because I'm telling you, it's like they are reading straight from it, sitting down in front of a chalk board with notes.  Coony, I'd say more man, but it's hard to keep typing without tearing up all over the keyboard.  Just know that I'm gonna miss you dog, and I hope that you catch on soon and blow ched straight through the minors. 


Now on a crazy note, I'm just getting ready to hop in the shower after my last outing, and two reporters ask me outside.  So, since I'm such a people person and just an all around good guy, I walked out with them and talked to them. 


"Hi, I'm so and so from the some paper."


Okay.  Nice to meet you. 


"Hi, I'm Denis Savage."


Whoa WHoa WHOA!


Ok, so sweet.  I ripped the guy (kinda) for saying I had five walks instead of three, even though every single stat page had me down as five as well.  Now I meet him for the first time. 


By the way, smooth James, very nice on keeping that little secret from me.  So I'm assuming I can expect several more little black-ops-navy-seal-style cornering methods from you two guys, and I guess I had better keep my nose clean and my comments to myself then, heh? [Editors note:  Sean, go to your front door and look outside.  See the dark blue late model Chevy?  That's me.] 


Great guy though, so those of you who do read this, Savage is a good guy.  Nice, tall, well built…everything. 


Back to the games, we have been doing pretty damn well I'm telling you all.  We hit, we play the field, and we are throwing pretty well.  If I was a betting man, which I am if you give me money, if we stay together this year, we are sitting pretty good.  The uniforms by the way are legit.  I mean they are so awesome. 


I have been having a good time out here in California so far.  Dave Roberts was here the last few days.  The guy is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.  He is so humble, and so eager to help as many guys as he can.  The guy just won a World Series ring, and he's kinda the reason the Red Sox did, and he is down here rehabbing, and pushing all of us to go harder.  The guy shouldn't walk into a stadium his entire life and hear a ‘boo,' because he is what you would want on the field playing for you each and everyday.


Oh, and yes, I definitely saw his ring.  Uh…yeah…wow.  You could feed three countries with that thing.  It is unbelievable.  I just wish that I knew more Yankee fans, because I took a picture of it with my cell phone and I would definitely like to share it with all you choked up fans of the ‘almost' Yankees.  Anyway, I'm tired, it's late, and I really want to go to sleep because with each night that I close my eyes, it gets one day closer to when I see my girl. 




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