Thompson Tuesdays--The Art of the Video Game

Being a starter there is a lot of time to kill, and being a lefty starter, there are a lot of strange ways to do it, including taking pictures of your dog on zebra striped sheets. While it appears to be a good thing that Sean and Kristen have found each other (it'd be embarrassing for the dog to get more play than the pitcher), it also appears to be a good thing that Sean has found the X-Box. Sean's weekly journal, exclusive to

Well, so far, we are looking pretty damn good I’m telling you.  We pitch, we hit, and we run.  I mean what more could you ask for as a starter than to go out and by the second inning have a three run cushion or even more.  Anyway, it has been going really well for me and for the team.  Oh, and just to let you all know, Matt Thayer is now in Lake Elsinore with me, so if our articles look at all alike, then....BACK OFF!


Not a lot happens differently each day and now that we are in the same place we can just cheat off each other and write the same thing.  HA!  Do sump bout it!


I thought that it would be appropriate that I gave everybody out there a picture of my dog just so all you thugs out there looking to break into my house would know, hey, Bella be watchin’ the house, and Bella be takin’ a chunk outcha ass you get too close.  I know that it’s hard to believe, with her posture and her rugged outside, but Bella is a lot tougher than she looks. 


Anyway, I would like to give a quick hello to my whole family that is out in Kansas.  Especially my sis Staci and my grandparents whom I love dearly.  I would also like to say hello to all my Papas bowling buddies, who I actually met as my grandfather was destroying at the local bowling alley in a game of pens.  So, that being said, I would like to get into the art of the video game while playing during the season.  Let me tell you all, all of you that like to go out and spend your money on alcohol, or whatever else you like to spent it on, that video games are a good way to release whatever it is inside you that makes you want to go out and watch
the pole dancers or whatever the case may be. 


I’m talking we get down and dirty playing some Halo, which actually consumes at least four or five hours of our days in spring training and is outstanding.  I know what some of you might be thinking, “Wow this guy might have a little nerd in him.”  Well, there might be a little nerd inside me, but isn’t there in all of us?  I mean just sit back and take a second and think where your nerdery might come into play.  When you wake up in the morning, get the paper, and you go straight to the business section instead of the sports.  I mean let’s be honest, no one is at your house to judge you, you know you don’t know what all those little letters and numbers mean on the stock page, so save it, and pick up the sports page.  Or how about when you are driving to work early early in the morning when no one is out on the roads and you’re going to speed limit and using your turn signal when the only other thing on the road with you is the dotted lines.  Or how about when you do get to work and you laugh or smile every single morning about your screen saver that you won’t change because you think it is just hilarious.  


Lets be honest now, we are all dorks in our own way.  So back to the art of the video game.

We have so much fun playing those games we have some guys that even have ear pieces for their cell phones for when they get the dreaded call from the Mrs.  If that’s not goofy enough for you, we even call them the ‘X-Box ear piece’ or the ‘Playstation ear piece’.  I mean it’s legit.  We like to get down and dirty playing some Madden or even some old school James Bond.  I’m telling you it passes the time so much faster, and it just keeps me out of any trouble that might be screaming my name.  Yeah OK, I don’t know where or why I decided to tell you all that but I thought it was an interesting, fun fact about what we do to pass the time so hey, I’m a nerd.  I have my fourth start of the season today and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m just starting to feel completely comfortable with my surroundings, and when I say comfortable with my surroundings, I mean yeah I’m definitely not moving up this year,  and I think that I will be ok.  This will be the second time that I will face Rancho this year, so I’m assuming that they will be ready for me just as I am ready for them. 


Let’s see, for my pre-game ritual, I like to try and sleep just about as long as I can, ya know, like when you’re laying in bed, and your back starts to hurt a little bit, but you don’t want to get up because you already missed the three o’clock Saved By the Bell episode that was on.  Then I like to get up, take a long shower just because usually by that time on the other days that I am not pitching I’m running or shagging fly balls, so I like to be in the shower and think about that and kinda laugh about the fact that it’s my day to do what I want until five. I eat a good meal, then sit down watch a little TV, and then off to the park. 

Anyway, I think that that will be it for me since, I need to focus on my outing today, and plus, I need to rehearse my response to the local newspapers question, “Fourth homerun tonight, your thoughts?” so I need to start thinking of what to say.  Until next week, out. 


I miss you Kristen, just a little bit longer and you will be here, away from all the Orange and out here in Storm Country.


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