Thayer Thursdays: The Promotion

You want to make a 23 year old smile? Tell him he's heading to California. This will work for just about every red blooded American male, but for a kid like Matt Thayer, working his tail off in extended spring training, it's very simply the answer to his prayers. gets the joy straight from the player's mouth as Matt Thayer gets the call.

So the call came at one o'clock on Saturday afternoon.  I had just gotten back to my hotel room after another uneventful extended spring training game.  I was told to go back down to the lobby and catch a van back to the field so that I could pack up all my stuff. After witnessing many of my buddies get released, and knowing that there were many more to come, this phone call made me nervous. 


Extended spring training is like war.  There are no rules, you have no control, and anything is possible.  This is made all the worst when you are 23 years old and a position player.  So, when I heard "come back and pack your stuff", I expected the worst. 


However, that feeling turned to delight (for lack of a better word) when I heard the words "you are going to Elsinore". 


Excuse me??  Did I hear that right? 


So after cramming everything I owned into three bags and paying an extra $25 for overweight baggage I was sitting on a plane back to southern California.  By the way, my flight left at 8 am on Sunday, which meant that I had to catch the super shuttle to the airport at 5 am.


Oh, and this was supposed to be my day off.


I have never been so happy to lose a precious day off, but to get out of extended I would have given up a lot.  Anyway, I arrived at 9 am in Ontario, which is a $90 cab ride to the field (that I paid with a smile).  I got to the field about an hour before we had to be there and began unpacking my overweight bags.   I happened to find an empty locker next to our friend Sean Thompson and set up shop.  I threw on my STORM uniform, took batting practice and watched a slugfest that ended with a walk-off homerun by Brett Bonvechio.


Now this is what baseball is all about: Butts in the stands, nice stadiums, team competition, and of course, walk-off homers.


So, I'm here for now, with no idea about how long I'm going to stay. But, I will tell you one thing; I will do whatever it takes to not have to go back to extended. Well I need to get some sleep so that I can get up and move into my host family's house and out of this hotel.


I will let you guys know how it goes.           


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