Thayer Thursdays

There's not a lot to say when you're in extended spring training. It's all about leaving, and Matt Thayer is ready to get out.

Well, the grind continues out here in Arizona. As each day goes by, it tends to resemble the previous day just a little more. The day begins when my alarm clock goes off at six am and I roll out of bed.  I proceed down to the lobby to grab a bite to eat before I hitch a ride out to the complex around 6:40.


When I get to the complex I grab a little something else to eat because it's going to have to hold me over till 1 pm.  I usually head out to the cages for some early hitting before we stretch as a team and take some more batting practice. After that we play our game, have a quick workout and then call it a day. So that sounds pretty easy, right?


Not really.


I have found it rather difficult to get up for these games. For the last four years, I have played games in front of thousands of people and now we play in front of zero. Self-motivation has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  The motivation is to get out of here as fast as possible and get myself on a team where winning and losing takes on some meaning.  So, like I said, the grind continues and I proceed with the belief that the end is near.  I will be saved.           


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