Thayer Thursdays: The Day Off

Matt Thayer has been on fire since getting the promotion to Lake Elsinore, and anybody going that hard for that long deserves a break. This week in Thayer Thursdays Matt talks about the type of day every hard working American looks forward to, a day off.

It really is a beautiful thing. You learn to cherish every waking second of it but it's never long enough. It's such a big happening around here that guys have their plans already set for "two-days-off from now". After a few weeks of ups and downs, and being here then there, this day is welcomed with open arms.

Some choose to wake up early for a tee time; others use it to rest their tired bodies. Some use it to go home to loved ones, and others use it to pick up loved ones from the airport (you should see the smile on Thompson's face). Whatever it is, believe me it has been thoroughly thought out. So by the time you guys read this I will be back home doing nothing - that's right nothing at all - because that's how I am choosing to spend my day off.

I will hang out with the family and see the loved one, but there will be no golf, no Six Flags Magic Mountain (that's the next day off- if I'm still in California) or anything athletic. I may bask in the California sun because there is no telling where I may be by the weekend. I think that I will play with my golden retriever puppy that has probably gained 20 pounds since I last saw her. Who knows? That's the beauty of a day off; there is really nothing that I have to do at any given time whatsoever. It's the one day where there is no uncertainty, no expectations; you can't win and you can't lose.

As far as the rest of the working days go: One day I was in the cages at 7am to get in some extra batting practice in extended spring training and the next day I was playing in a 7pm game in Visalia and bumping into Craig Johnson's (my teammate from Eugene) father, who told me he enjoyed reading my article every week and following along with my progress. Those are the things that make this journey so fun. They are the small things that keep you going after a tough game or a tough week.

I think that Sean Thompson thought his day off already came because I didn't see a whole lot written on "Thompson Tuesdays" this week. I guess when you throw 7 scoreless and improve to 4-0 there isn't a whole lot to say.

Well, until I find something else to say that's all for now. Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody.

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