Thompson Tuesdays Exclusive: The Promotion

For loyal readers of Thompson Tuesdays you've heard Sean talk about everything from his curveball to his dog Bella, his offseason workouts to his lovely (and apparently incredibly patient) girlfriend Kristen. After taking a week off from his journal Sean returns in rare form to talk about Tribal Tattoos, one good outing and one that had him talking to himself, and an unexpected trip to beautiful Mobile, Alabama.

Well everyone, I'm assuming that an apology is expected right about now, in fact I'm pretty sure it's well deserved.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.......ok

Really, I'm sorry to those who read ‘Thompson Tuesdays' for missing last weeks article, I'm sure that everyone had a terrible day and it was hard to breath and all that bad stuff. Now, on to last week's game (May 2nd's start).

I felt like I threw the ball well enough to keep my team in the game. Enough to get to the bullpen; to our setup, then to our closer. That's a starter's job. Two runs or less through five, three runs or less through seven, keeping the momentum and the flow of the game on our side. That's what each of our starting pitchers is out there to accomplish.

As for the rest of the league, most of the pitchers are thinking of new job options after facing our hitters.

That being said, let's talk about my wonderful outing this past Sunday (May 8th). I mean truthfully, it was a perfect game to bring the kiddies to. It was a full show. You got to see our goofy mascots and their charades, great baseball, hey lots of runs were scored, someone gave up a grand slam, and we all know how the kids love to see big home runs and all that good stuff. A pitcher, who could have just let a bunt go foul, instead decided that it was in his best interest to dive after it, miss it, and therefore load the bases. Then the idiot proceeded to walk a run in.

So, after a long breather, and a visit from his pitching coach, I think he was just determined to get ahead of the next hitter so that he could get out of the mess. Well, he probably shouldn't have thrown a specially wrapped present, one labeled "Please Hit Me As Far As You Can So That The Pitcher Who Threw It Will Go Into The Clubhouse And Tighten The Knot".

It's OK though, don't feel bad for that pitcher, I talked to him personally last night, stared into his eyes for quite some time. I asked him if he really thought that the world had ended for him and asked if he thought that his parents would want him to give up, and pout.

He didn't really answer, but trust me, I'm sure in his next outing he will bounce back and give a much stronger performance. Whoever reads this and doesn't know who that last story was about, please stop reading the articles and get help!

Anyway, on a much lighter note, Kristen and Bella are finally here. You have no idea how much difference it can make when you see a person you love so much sitting in the stands. Granted, I don't think I have ever thrown well while Kristen was in town, but at least I don't have to explain all the details to her over the phone. Bella is doing very well, she is a little bigger, which is to say that she graduated from being as big as my pinky toe to now being roughly the size of my big toe, but she is still a lil' cutie.

The weather out here is still nice at night for me. It has been pretty chilly, which is really nice, but that Sunday game (May 8th) was a scorcher. When I sweat as hard as I did, and it's not because I was working hard, or that my effort was just so amazing, it's because my body is punishing my for putting it through such terrible conditions. Well the result is that my body decides to drench my clothes with a salty and stinky liquid.

Yeah, pretty gross I know, but hey what do ya do? Hopefully, my parents will be able to come and see me play soon. Considering the fact that I haven't talked to them as much the past week, I missed my Dad's birthday, and I haven't spoken to my brother in awhile, I'd really like to see them.

That being said, all hate mail, death letters, and just rude comments that would anyone in the readership would like to express toward me for being a terrible son, please send them to my editor ( and he will definitely forward them to me. I'm assuming I will be on suicide watch after the first few letters are written since it's pretty harsh the way I have been with my family.

OK, so now I have been asked about the ink that I have. Well, on my left arm I have a tribal that goes around my bicep and in the middle of the tribal is a Superman logo that appears chrome. On my right arm I have a tribal surrounding a baseball with the number 2 in it. Then on my right calf, I have tribal surrounding the logo of the movie Major League. If you don't know that movie, the logo is a baseball with a Mohawk and sunglasses. Very detailed tattoos, I'm talking the guy who did it even detailed the sparkle on the earring the baseball wears. I'm not sure if I'm going to get anymore, I do know that my parents, my almost in-laws, and Kristen would not approve.

It wouldn't be such a debate if I didn't respect and love those people as much as I do, I would have had tons more, and yeah, that wouldn't be good.

Well, it's very weird how things workout, but I just received word that I'm going to Double-A Mobile. So today I'm flying out to meet up with the new squad. That's just great, Bella and Kristen just got here, I threw ‘outstanding' my last outing giving up six, and now I'm headed to a higher level? Wow.

Anyway, I will fill you all in about everything next week. Until then, out.

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