Rants and Raves From A Displaced Padres Fan

After a well deserved vacation Kevin McIntyre is back with another piece, and not surprisingly it is just as much 'Rant' as 'Rave.' From Dave Roberts surprising production to the thoroughly unsurprising struggles of our #5 starter, Kevin has his eyes clearly on the prize.

I've been back from vacation for about a week now and have been waiting to contribute another article about being displaced.  Finally we've got to watch the Padres displace some teams from the standings.  I have to admit that I did login while on the road to follow the status of the Pads and I did notice that not much was happening during that two week period, but over the last week there has been a couple of nice win streaks and we are finally closing (or at least getting within striking distance) in on the top spot in the standings. <br><br>

From my perspective (and this shouldn't be earth shattering news) the giant hole for the Padres is the #5 spot in the pitching rotation.  How long do you let this be the "hole" that keeps the Pads out of the race again?  I had predicted they'd finish in second but you can't afford to give away every fifth game.  I feel for Tim Redding but maybe someone will step into his position and give us some quality starts and chances at winning.  I like the call-ups and let's give them a few starts and see how they do.  It's not a coincidence that in order for the Padres to sweep St. Louis they needed a win from that same position in the rotation.  Injuries continue to plague the Pads and it's looking like a few years ago when you couldn't track the all the injuries and players without Bruce Bochy's lineup card. <br><br>

Last year, the Pads had a hard time winning at home, this year it's on the road.  I wonder why?  I thought that maybe they were trying to hit more line drives now at Petco and not going for the fences but the homerun count is up at home.  If it was a matter of adjusting their swings for Petco that would explain why they aren't doing so well on the road but they still have more homeruns on the road than at home.  No matter what the reason is, as of late the Pads are the hottest team in the division and we can't deny that.  <br><br>

One of the predictions that I made was wrong, that Roberts would be a role player.  His numbers are pretty impressive given his playing time so far this year.  I did predict that his injuries would keep him in and out of the lineup all year but so far, so good.  He's ahead of the league avg. for stolen bases and I feel that if he's the difference in 5 games this year that might make the difference between a 1st and a 2nd place team.  It sure would have made a difference last year!  (We saw in the 13 inning game against the Reds that he's proving me totally wrong and I beg forgiveness).  Another one of my predictions that I'm glad to say is holding up is concerning Barry Bonds and his injuries.  This brings a smile to my face.  Maybe the Yankees want him?

Over the last week the Pads have been getting hot (until the above mentioned part of the rotation).  It's nice to see some bats coming alive, some players breaking out of slumps, some players getting healthy again, etc. and making a nice run.  I like the ‘come from behind' wins – it shows a lot of passion, just like last year.  On the other side of the coin though, I see some other divisional teams getting players back soon which could make it tough, but if the Pads continue to win, it obviously doesn't matter what those teams do.  It appears we won't have to worry about Bonds for a while but Gagne is about to come back for the Dodgers and they don't need the help at this point. 

Go Pads and I promise I won't take another vacation for a while so that the streak can continue!

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