Thompson Tuesdays

Sean is sorry, he swears, and MadFriars is sorry too. Last week there was no Thompson Tuesdays, as Sean was finding it difficult to find an internet connection in his new home, with the Double-A Mobile BayBears. After two rough outings Sean checks back in with MadFriars, and he gives his thoughts on the heat (both the weather and the opponents), the cash (or lack thereof), and the pressure he's feeling in Double-A.

Okay, I would like to start off by saying that I'm truly sorry for not being able to write a few times.  It was kind of a weird feeling the next day knowing that if I looked up MadFriars, my article wouldn't be there to read.  It's just been really hard to try and find places or people that have internet.  On top of that I've made a real positive first impression on the Mobile squad.  So yeah, the past few weeks have been quite the tornado for me.

So I'm in Mobile, Alabama, I'm in the clubhouse listening to music and still eating.  There is always food everywhere up here, and always, and I mean always, bottles and bottles of water.  Mainly because of the fact that this place is probably the hottest, most miserable, place on the earth, so we need all the water we can get.  Now that I have been here for awhile I keep finding out these new little helpful tips from everyone on how it is up here. 

Let's see, what have I heard, I've heard that it's close to three hundred dollars a month for clubhouse dues (like eight or nine dollars a day to the opposing teams clubby on the road), close to three hundred dollars a day for rent, then if you don't have a car it's more for a rental car, plus you have to pay for gas for that thing, plus you have to eat.  I forgot about all those baseball expenses.  There is definitely no sign of having any throw back money layin' around, because all your loot is going straight to your expenses. 

How about the heat down here?  I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.  Well, maybe second most uncomfortable, next to the feeling I had when I was nine and I wet my pants on third base during a blazing hot day.  Next pitch is a past ball, I slid into home and the dirt from my slide, and the pee from the obviously untrained body part, mixed, and made muddy pee pee pants.  I had to play centerfield during a triple digit degree day.  Now that was not a comfortable situation. 

Anyway, I have no idea how I got to selling myself out and explaining how I wet my pants on third base.  I think I was talking about the heat.  Yeah, and then it rains here, and the temp increases by like twenty degrees.  I'm telling you, if you were in a nudist colony down here, all you would have to do is walk around with a soap on a rope.  With all the moisture and heavy, steamy, air, you'd have enough perspiration to mix it with the bar of soap and take a bath.  

And the final example of why it's terrible is, of course, the impression that I have made on the team.  Let's see, came in and completely blow it in the first game.  Let's just say I gave up a bundle of runs, a good assortment of hits, outstanding helpful walks were issued, and a big fat 'L' next to my gigantic ERA.  I wasn't happy about it, and I really wasn't too excited about myself. 

But I figured I was just trying to get a feel, or whatever.   So, next start did I redeem myself.  This time I went out, more walks, more hits, more runs, three innings.  I do urge you to judge me on performance and numbers, but just let me tell you that no one judges or ridicules me more than me.  So anyway, that's been the whole rollercoaster ride up here with me. 

On good notes, my family is doing really well, I miss you guys, and Kristen is here with me now (yes, so is Bella).  My third start up here is today (Tuesday), so I'm going to see how this one goes.  I mean the rope keeps getting tighter each time.  I think it's time I go, I need to focus, and plus I think I will have much more to say next time.  I also just want to say, Rosie, you're my boy dude, it's me and you dude, you can do it just as I can.  Sorry, a little moment of inspiration for my boy. 

Ayight then, until next time, out.

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