Thayer Thursdays

Things are getting tough for Matt Thayer in the California League, but as usual he's doing everything he can to stick around, get in the lineup and move up. Like the post office, neither heat nor injury can keep Matt down.

I'm back everybody and I would like to apologize for missing last week. Things get a little crazy from time to time, and the days tend to run together. So, before you know it, its Thursday again and I have nothing written for you guys.


            With that said, let me get you caught up on everything out here in Lake Elsinore. The last week has been a little bit of a struggle for the Storm. That's not to say that we haven't played our hearts out every game. This week we took on the Lancaster Jethawks who have proven to be a thorn in our side all year. We spent three days up at their place playing a series of back and forth games and coming up short in all three. I mean these games were some serious battles that were decided in the final inning or in extra innings. However, on Monday we got to get out of that windy desert, and bring the battle back home where we won our first game of the year against Lancaster. Hopefully we can make the best of this turn around and finish our push to win the first half.


            As for me, I got a little tune up on my swing when the hitting instructors rolled into town. I got a chance to get a little extra hitting work in and some extra outfield work in, so I am feeling pretty good. Now if I could just get into the game to try it all out. Well, that time came on Sunday, however my day was cut short after I tweaked something in my lower stomach during my first at bat, ending my day. Needless to say, I was a little scared when I heard talks about possibly sending me back to Arizona for rehab. You all know how I feel about that place. A visit to the doctor's office on Tuesday didn't find anything major, so that's a huge relief. Everyday I have felt a little better so I should be back in no time. I'm telling you this week has been rough on us putting a few guys out of games cause of injuries. That reminds me that I would like to wish M.J. the best as he recovers from hand surgery that he had on Tuesday.


            Well, that's all I got for now. Thanks for reading. Summer has arrived and with it came the heat. Enjoy these warm days before it gets just outright miserable.


            Keep battling Thompson. You got the stuff. It will come as you get used to everything out there. I know how much you hate the heat!     

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