MadFriars Q & A: Drew Macias

Lake Elsinore- On a recent trip to Lake Elsinore we caught up with Drew Macias, who is considered the best defensive outfielder in the San Diego system, and recently has been turning things up with the bat.

John Conniff - What has been the biggest change for you since coming up from the Midwest League to the California League?

Drew Macias - Not much, not really any big changes, hitting wise or in other things, but the weather and ballparks seem a lot nicer.

John Conniff - Are you trying to do anything different in your approach at the plate to hit for more power or increase your on-base percentage.

Drew Macias - I'm just trying to stay consistent and get base hits. I'm not going up there trying to hit home runs, but they are nice when they come, but mainly just trying to stay consistent and get on base.

John Conniff - What is the biggest thing you need to do to advance?

Drew Macias - Just continue to keep working as hard as I can everyday. If the coach sees me doing something I want him to know that I'm working hard. If I'm out there in the outfield shagging, I'm out there sweating and running balls down because when you start slacking off in practice, it starts to show up in games.

John Conniff - When you guys talk about working hard what does that mean? Can you give our readers an idea of how much work there is for players in the minor leagues.

Drew Macias - Well, we had a morning workout before the game around 11, then had a workout with the roving instructors before the game, so we did some defensive drills or baseruning drills even earlier before infield and batting practice. Today we talked about baseruning, everything that we are out there doing its something we can take into a game.

John Conniff - What exactly do the system-wide rovers do? For instance, are they trying to make sure that the Padres are consistent in the way they teach something?

Drew Macias - Exactly, they just come and give their little inputs here and there. If they see us doing something wrong they'll let us know. Its more like one on one work. They might see or hear something that you are having problems with and they will take you aside and say, 'Drew you need to work on this, lets go work on this before the game.'

Denis Savage - Lets talk about center field here as compared to Fort Wayne. What is the ground like out there, is it a little bit harder?

Drew Macias - This grass snakes a lot, when it comes through its moving left and right quick. You just have to stay down on the ball and read it. We have a short porch in right field, when you look over one shoulder your too close, when you look over the other shoulder its four hundred and twenty five.

You kind of have to realize this is my spot, if the ball is driven that way I have to get on my horse, if its driven the other way I have some time.

Denis Savage - So is the wall your friend?

Drew Macias - No, but I'm not afraid of him. If I have to go heads up with him, I'll do it.

Denis Savage - You're probably considered the best defensive centerfielder in the Padres system by people such as Tye Waller and Kevin Towers. What does that mean to you?

Drew Macias - That's awesome. I really appreciate that and have really worked hard to get that. I've always loved playing outfield, and try to take pride in what I do. I love hearing my teammates say they are the best guy that they have ever played in the outfield with and that they have no worries when I'm out there.

I'll give up my body whenever I can, as much as I love hitting, I love playing the outfield.

Denis Savage - So who do you think is the best fielder on this team?

Drew Macias - I'd probably say Brian Burgamy. He's out there giving up his body just like me in left field, we love diving making plays. The whole outfield crew is good, Bake has a cannon for an arm in right field. We're all not afraid to dive, get dirty and make plays.

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