Bonvechio Talks Adjustments and Called Shots

There's a certain amount of swagger that comes with being successful in pro baseball, and Padres third base prospect Brett Bonvechio has it. Since coming over to the Padres organization from the Red Sox the native Californian has been hitting with power, and he called his shot with MadFriars Senior Writer John Conniff.

Bonvechio was acquired from the Boston Red Sox organization last year, and has so far put together a nice season for the Storm giving the Padres one of their few prospects at third base.

John Conniff: How have things changed for you coming to the California League from the Midwest League?

Brett Bonvechio: Well the competition is obviously a lot better, and you have to have a better plan of what you want to do. You need to work harder mentally than physically, but its great coming back to my home state of California after playing pro ball in the east for four years.

John Conniff: You're hitting with more power this year, but your strikeouts are also up. What have you been doing different last year as compared to this?

Brett Bonvechio: I don't want to say my strikeouts are up because my power production is up. I don't want to be a guy that strikes out a 100 times in a season. I know my strikeouts have been a little high this year, but I think it's a case of pressing and trying to do too much. In the past I've been guilty of chasing too many bad pitches, while this year I'm probably taking too many pitches.

John Conniff: What is the biggest difference between the Padres organization and the Red Sox organization from which you were acquired from?

Brett Bonvechio: I've only been in two, but I have buddies that are in others. They are all pretty much the same, it's a game, but its also your job. They expect certain things from you on a daily basis. Hitting philosophies change, but its all pretty much the same.

My family follows my career and always sends me articles if my name is in it. So far I haven't gotten much love from Baseball America.

John Conniff: You're always on our site, We're always giving Kevin Goldstein (the writer who ranked the Padres top 30 prospects for Baseball America's Prospect Handbook) grief for not including you as one of the Padres top prospects.

I even touted you as one of the sleepers in the Padres system for 2005 in our system season preview.

Brett Bonvechio: Well lets see if I can do something tonight to prove you guys right.

That night against the Inland Empire, Saturday May 14, Brett had two hits, including his second home run of the season. Not exactly a Ruthian called shot, but it's as close as you come in the California League and since that day, Bonvechio has hit four more homers and knocked in 11 runs over a span of 13 games.

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