MadFriars Q & A: Tom Krasovic

Beat writers don't often get the attention they deserve. After all, who better to talk to about the Padres than the man who sees every game, in person, up close, and then heads to the dugout right after to get the player's and coach's perspectives. MadFriars Senior Writer John Conniff picked Tom Krasovic's brain for useful tidbits on the Padres.

We caught up with Tom Krasovic, the beat writer for the San Diego Padres on the recent surge by the team and what may be in the future plans of the team.

John Conniff - In one of your articles in today's paper you alluded to the fact that the Padres may send Sean Burroughs back to the minors.

Can you elaborate on that?

Tom Krasovic - I didn't want to say that they are going to do it, he does have one remaining option so they could send him down to Portland without exposing him to the rest of the league, similar to what they did with Ramon Vasquez last year.

I am not saying they are going to do it, but the manager likes Geoff Blum a lot at third base and it would be an opportunity for Burroughs to work on some things.

John Conniff - When the Padres sent Ramon Vasquez down last year he was hitting under .200. What would they send Burroughs down for?

Tom Krasovic - To start hitting the ball hard again, and use the whole field, like he was a few years ago. He needs to incorporate his leg and hips into his swing to generate more power.

John Conniff - When Tim Redding and Woody Williams went down with injuries, the team called up Tim Stauffer from Portland. So far he's performed very well, and both Redding and Williams are scheduled to come off of the DL. What do the Padres think of Stauffer and what do you think they will do?

Tom Krasovic - The Padres are very high on Stauffer, and they don't have any plans on sending him down in the near future. Redding is going to have to prove that he belongs on the staff after a few terrible outings earlier in the year. Also, the controversy on his injury didn't help him out a lot either.

John Conniff - Going into the season the Padres stated that they were going to try to get Xavier Nady some playing time at third base, but now seem reluctant to play him there. Any reason for this change?

Tom Krasovic - Xavier Nady is better off in the outfield right now, he's just more comfortable there. He takes ground balls everyday at third base, but it's a lot different under game conditions. He does however look better with the bat all the time, and they are going to find a place for him eventually.

It looks like with both Nady and Blum, Burroughs is going to have some competition for third base in the future.

John Conniff - Justin Germano and Jon Knott are putting together nice seasons in Portland. How closely are the Padres monitoring their progress?

Tom Krasovic - The Padres are good at keeping tabs on what is going on in their minor leagues. They are very aware of Justin Germano, who recently had a very good outing in Colorado Springs which is even worse than Coors Field for pitchers. According to reports he's been relying on his sinking fastball, as compared to last year when he threw too many curves. A few American League teams were interested in him during Spring Training, before he experienced some problems. He's helped himself out a lot in the past few weeks.

The problem with Jon Knott is he just doesn't seem to have a place to play, especially with the organization having so much talent in left field and at first base. I'm not sure if his swing is better than Tagg Bozied, but it's a little long. Also, Jon's defense is not the greatest.

John Conniff - With the recent winning streak by the Padres, what has it been like to cover the team on a daily basis?

Tom Krasovic - What is fun, and I don't really care who wins as a reporter, is just watching the team play. They know how to play and have fewer weak links than any other team I‘ve seen.

Its just a lot of fun watching a team play major league baseball.

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