Thompson Tuesdays: The (Near) Brawl

He's back, and once again, Sean Thompson is about to get into a fight. Again. Why is it that everytime Sean joins a team people get testy? Oh, wait. Have you met him?

Well, to the loyal fans of Thompson Tuesdays (if there are any left considering I have been very irresponsible with the weekly hoot on MadFriars) I do apologize to everyone.  Nothing is wrong, I'm in perfect health, and surprisingly my pride is crawling up to where it used to be. 

My last few outings have been a smidge better, but better yet, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with everything up here.  You know, Mobile isn't such a bad place.  I guess the South is just the surface of the sun added to a steam room that has been on for at least two hundred years.  I have been able to watch some great outings by our starting staff, our bullpen come in and dominate, and our hitters explode for over fifteen hits in one of our previous games. 

Right now we are closing out a long eight game rode trip that, trust me, seemed a whole lot longer than eight days.  One of the things that I failed to mention or even think about for the time I have been up here, is that there are three Colorado boys up here.  Mike Thompson (no relation I promise, especially since he is from my rival high school back in Colorado) is a great guy, and a great pitcher.  In fact he threw the first complete game that I have seen in pro ball thus far.  You want to talk about a smooth, crisp, just plain out fun game to watch, this game was it.  He threw like eighty some odd pitches through the ninth.  I mean by 80 pitches I would have been asking one of my teammates if our coach would let me go out for the fourth. 

Anyway back to the boys, we got Geoff Jones from Durango, Colorado.  Talk about your ultimate deceiving pitcher.  The guy is 6'6 and he throws almost submarine, from the left side.  Sorry 'bout it!  His slider is the one where the hitter falls down attempting to avoid being hit and the catcher catches it on the outside corner for a quick right turn back to the dugout.  Yes, I'm the odd one out.  Five foot nothing, and doing about as well as a three legged parrot in Double-A.  So yeah, just for anyone who might have been looking for a nifty little fact about our team, there ya go. 

We have an off day coming to us tomorrow, and then I'm throwing on Thursday.  Hopefully things will continue to inch back to the way I should be throwing, but hey, who knows what could happen.  My mind is right and my arm is healthy, so I'm just going to continue to go out to the mound and have as much fun as I can.  We did almost get into a little scuffle a few days ago against Montgomery.  We were getting smoked for most of the game, and then we came back strong.  A few things happened here and there that could've been seen as 'just baseball.'  Then we get to the ninth, and Casey Baker hits a swinging bunt that was fielded by the closer.  Casey Baker=five foot seven.  Montgomery closer=six three (or more).  The pitcher goes to tag Casey and then proceeds to launch baker five feet in the air onto the ground.  Bakes thought, "Okay, you know just an aggressive tag.  Nothing of it," and then the closer looks at him and says "what" like he was challenging him or something. 

So that got a little out of hand. Then fine it was over.

Then Kennard Jones gets up to the plate, hits a ground ball to end the game, and the closer looks in and starts running his mouth.  Now if you haven't noticed, our season has been going kinda rough at this point, and guys are getting really testy, and there was no reason for that after they just beat us.   The benches proceeded to clear after Nick Trzesniak, a guy who is built like a brick *#$&house, flipped out and jumped the fence covering our dugout.  Of course their closer waited until there were so many guys on his team in front of him before he started jawing again. 

So then that was it.  I mean yeah, it was kinda weak, but at the same time, something that could've been avoided if the closer would've just done his job and closed his mouth.  Now I'm one to talk and run my mouth, but I closed the yearbook, turned the page on a few immature ways, and tried to focus on the game.  Figure it out you know.  Anyway, I had better close this out.  Again, I'm sorry to those of you who have gotten online and not seen the article.  Until next week.

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