Thompson Tuesdays

Just you're average everyday week for Sean Thompson...hey, Sean, that's a hurricane man! This week on Thompson Tuesday our crafty left hander thumbs his nose at Mother Nature, wishes a recently signed friend his best, and talks about a new arm angle.

Hey everyone, it's me again just getting ready for my start.  Yeah, I throw tomorrow and I'm excited, but at the same time, I have a little part of me that is wondering what's going to happen in several hours.  I say all that because now my arm is lot is different from what it has always been.  There have been times when I get up in a count on a hitter and I drop my arm slot lower just for a few more mph and to change that hitters eye.  That will be my arm slot from now on.  So I'm really interested in how it is going
to turn out tomorrow. 

Anyway, I was just sitting here watching ESPN and watched a pretty gruesome minor league brawl.  It was nuts and for those of you wondering, no, nothing came out of our last minor scuffle (see Thompson Tuesdays 2-1-05) so you can turn the page on that one.  I have been playing a lot of video games, as you might remember I'm a video game connoisseur.  That has been keeping me sane (mostly) and Kristen has been a big help. 

It's just been a little discouraging the past few weeks and I have needed her.  My parents have been great too even though I think this has been the longest I haven't talked to them on the phone.  I don't know, I'm just so tired at night and I know they understand.   So anyway, the whole hurricane thing down here ended up canceling our game.  Yeah, that was pretty weak, in fact whoever had the privilege of naming this hurricane, don't be too thrilled with that. 

In fact this hurricane should be ashamed of itself.  All the other 'canes are laughing and poking fun because it was so pathetic.  The funniest thing is, is that we could have played the game that day.  I mean the rain was fierce for a good period, straight poring, but other than that  it was just a lot of fuss. 

So, yeah, that was the huge tropical storm update. 

I think Elsinore is just doing great down there.  I miss all my buddies but I'm sure I will see them soon enough.  Coony (Aaron Coonrod) got picked up by the Nationals and that makes me so happy.  I'm excited for you man and I hope that Gavin will get to see you throw real soon.  Anyhow, well I know its a little shorter this time but nothing really has happened so I'll be seeing ya.  Until next time.

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