Padres Draft Q & A: Cesar Carrillo

San Diego Padres first round draft pick Cesar Carrillo talked exclusively with on a day when his Miami Hurricanes were sent home for the season, failing to qualify for the College World Series. Carrillo took the loss in Friday's game allowing three runs, two earned, on six hits in eight innings of work – his third complete game of the season.

Cesar Carrillo: It is a great honor just to be drafted in general but to go in the first round is even more of an honor. It is something I always dreamed of ever since I was a little kid.

I got a call from my advisor and heard I was drafted by the Padres. I am delighted to be a Padre. I have heard a lot of great things about the city of San Diego and I am ready to go out there and visit for the first time.

Now that the season is over is the plan to sign as quickly as possible and start your career in the San Diego Padres' minor league system?

Cesar Carrillo: That is the goal now to see what happens with the rest of my future and I hope to get into that Padres uniform one day.

Talk about your final outing of the season. Did you feel worn down from a long season?

Cesar Carrillo: No, not really. I felt great Friday. It is just one of those days that Nebraska came out and their guy pitched a hell of a game. They deserved to win.

You began your career with 24 straight wins, a record at the University of Miami, but over the last four games you are 1-3. Has anything changed or do you feel different, perhaps lacking stamina?

Cesar Carrillo: I compete every time I go out there and give my team a chance to win. We just haven't been able to manufacture any runs. That is baseball. They have always backed me up every other game. You can't take it too hard and just have to keep it on an even keel.

What is your repertoire, what pitches and at what speeds do you throw?

Cesar Carrillo: My fastball sits between 92 and 94. I have a changeup and a curveball with my curve coming in at around 78 or 79.

The Padres have mentioned that you have logged a lot of innings on your arm this year. What is the goal for the offseason to increase your stamina and how do you go about achieving that?

Cesar Carrillo: Hitting the weight room and just getting my lower half stronger. I think my upper half is fine, I don't think I need to get any stronger in my upper half. It is a longer season and there a lot more games to play so it will be tougher.

Every time you went to the mound for a long time, the team was winning. How did you stay aggressive out there and what was the mentality of the team – that it just couldn't lose?

Cesar Carrillo: I am always aggressive on the mound and it doesn't matter who is out there. I always challenge hitters. That has been my motive since day one. I never give in to anybody.

We would go out there and my teammates would back me up because I could not do everything on my own. I would try to put zeroes on the board and they help me out with their bats. It has been a fun ride.

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to?

Cesar Carrillo: The only thing I didn't accomplish was getting that National Championship. I accomplished everything else I had in my goal list. I am not going to have any regrets.

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