Eugene Emeralds 2005 roster

The 2005 Eugene Emeralds roster is set with four players returning, a few new faces up from Peoria and a plethora of draft picks from the San Diego Padres 2005 draft assigned to the club.

Phil Polanco RHP, FA, Fort Wayne (2005)

Alfredo Fernandez RHP, Eugene
Danny De_La_O RHP, Eugene
William Ponce RHP, Eugene
Steve Delabar RHP, Peoria-Eugene

Billy Killian C, Peoria-Portland
Jodam Rivera 2B, Peoria
Ben Krosschell RHP, Peoria
Daryl Jones 1B, Peoria
Kelvin Vasquez 2B, Peoria

Santiago Guerrero OF, Dominican League Padres

Cesar Ramos LHP, Long Beach State
Brent Carter LHP, Alabama
Brandon Higelin LHP, Cal State-Los Angeles
Arnold Hughey LHP, Auburn
Adam Gold, RHP California
Jon Link RHP, Bluefield College
Neil Jamison RHP, Long Beach State
John Madden RHP, Auburn
Casey Smith 1B, Erskine
Billy Richardson SS, Eastern Carolina
Chad Steiner 3B, Lamar Community College
Brian Cavanaugh OF, Eastern Carolina
Drew Davidson OF, Illinois
Mike Sansoe OF, Saint Mary's
John Slone C, Miami-Oh
Brandon Gottier C, FA, Pacific

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