Thompson Tuesdays--The Natural

Just like a pitcher...Sean's got a new arm slot, two encouraging outings in a row, and what does he talk about in his weekly online journal for MadFriars? Hitting. Yes, Sean is talking like Rick Ankiel all of a sudden, ready to steal home and calling out college coaches who said he could only pitch. Like we said, just like a pitcher...

Well, the verdict is apparently in, and apparently it is getting raves, and even though I didn't trust it at first, my new arm slot is beginning to grow on me.  Growing at just about the same rate as the pain in it.  I'm tellin' you all, it's just that sore pain, that nagging, disgusting, green and purple toe nail with like three cracks and crusty blood under the nail, or that terrible pain from an ingrown leg hair that just wont stop getting bigger and forming more pissed off hairs around it, just asking to be terminated, but just wont ooze.  Yeah, that pain. 

I do take care of it as much as I can, so it's just tired. 

Anyway, my last outing was better, and I'm really enjoying throwing down there in the new slot, more movement and a little more bite and zip, as my dad would say.  I would like you all to know that my grandmother just had an operation, a triple bi-pass and she is doing really well.  My grandparents are just the best people.  I just would like a few prayers sent out for her (for those of you who do that) because she's really a loving person in my life. 

So back to the game.  It was kinda funny because I had a guy on first early in the game, which isn't funny or ironic, but I supposedly balked.  The idiot dressed up like an umpire (looked like a busted up version of a Marky Mark Wahlberg if you ask me) said that I was going too far to home.  In all honesty, I didn't balk this time, my step wasn't even 45 degrees, heck, it wasn't even my good move.

So I wasn't happy about that, but I did get a sac bunt down on the first try.  Not like before when I attempted to bunt and looked like Corky from Life Goes On.  Then, after I gave up my not at all surprising run in the top of the fifth, in the bottom of the 5th I was at the plate with a runner on third, and I dinked a single up the middle and earned myself a hit and an RBI.  So HA to all you college coaches that wanted me to just pitch, how do you like me now! 

Anyway, Gerber ended up coming up and hitting a grand slam with me, ever so dangerous at third, looking to steal home.  Anyway, I thought that you should know that.  I'm just out here in Alabama, enjoying what body fat I have left before the weather sucks me dry.  The All-Star break is coming up so I think I'm going to be spending it with my girl.

Which reminds me, I would like to say 'Hello' and 'Congratulations' to Teresa and Scott, who just had their second child.  It's a baby girl so that's going to be so fun for dad in 17 years.  We will all be here for ya Scott.  I have weapons.  So that being said, I would just like all of you to go to bed tonight praying for my grandmother, and praying for me to wake up in the morning and find the most record breaking news getting the call, being signed for ten mill and becoming the biggest call up that has ever been up...that wasn't ready, haha. 

Until next time y'all.

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